Why is Rusev Still Obsessed With Lana?


Ah, Rusev. The Bulgarian Brute. The man with a serious disdain of shoes, shirts, and all things America. He’s such a charming man isn’t he?

We’ve also learned that Rusev loves with all of his heart….if he has one. Whatever it is that’s in his chest is full of love…or severe obsessive tendencies. Since his very public and definitely imminent separation with Lana, we’ve seen an entirely new but not surprising side to Rusev.

The man has become every bitter ex boyfriend we’ve seen in the movies. Rusev took to pleading for her love first (and failing miserably). Then of course when all else fails, what do you do? Attack the new boy toy! Now even with that doesn’t manage to separate the two of them and manages to push them closer together, there’s only one thing left to do.

Stalk her, obviously.

Do not try this at home.

Like any insane brute of a man would do, Rusev has begun to stalk her. He follows her around wherever she goes, whether that’s accompanying Dolph Ziggler to the ring or simply admiring a table of cleaning products for some odd reason. Everywhere you look, Rusev is just hiding around the corner with his phone ready to take pictures of his former lover.

Now, why is Rusev still so very obsessed with her? Why must this man stalk her wherever she goes? Terrorize her new boy toy any chance he can get? Why Rusev, why?!

Well, it’s so obviously that I’m a little disappointed that I hadn’t seen the connection any sooner. In fact, the entire WWE Universe must know of the reason by now, we just haven’t looked very deeply into it.

Rusev is so very obsessed with Lana, because Beauty and the Beast is his favorite movie.

Really! Obviously the movie is number one on Rusev’s top ten list, followed by endless documentaries on great Mother Russia and body-building I’m sure. He loves the film so much that he has an obsessive need to live it out as though that is his life. With Lana by his side, she was the beauty to his beast. Rusev’s so obsessed with having this Disney life, that he will stop at nothing to get Lana back and be his princess.

Partially sweet, mostly disturbing and definitely worthy of a psychiatrist visit.

Or you know, he’s obsessed because she’s wonderful and should be Queen of the WWE, riding in with dragons every Monday and Thursday night.

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