Best for Business: Natalya as Champion


you rock

Do you know what would be best for business? People who actually care about wrestling miraculously getting the chance to wrestle.

Do you know what would be best for business in the divas division?

A Natalya Hart Diva’s Champion. A complete and total bad ass, wonderful villainess run. Natalya retaining the title for an insufferably long time, completely destroying any diva in her path and becoming this wicked ruler. During her run she’d have countless open challenges for the title, handicap matches, anything she can to prove her excellence. Natalya would demand to fight a real wrestler.

Then we’d have the lovely Charlotte making her debut from NXT and putting an end to Natalya’s reign (because sadly, all good things must come to an end).

That’s what I think would be best for business. Why Charlotte in particular? Because these two lovely women are ridiculously talented, and have great in-ring chemistry.

Will it happen? Ah, no. Sadly whoever is developing the Diva’s division seems completely incapable of growing up and understanding that women have changed since they were obviously scorned by them at that one junior high prom where girls pointed and laughed at him.

But hey, I’m sure eventually they’ll give divas a chance!


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