SmackDown: The Boys Are Back in Town (Highlights 6/25/15)


To recap the recap show, I will be offering highlights as per the new usual. So in essence, my highlights are a recap of the recap show…is that..I mean…did I even get that correctly? Ah well, either way, words are written and read and sometimes they make sense.


Jimmy Uso on commentary tonight for Byron Saxton

I can get behind this.

Champion Behavioral lessons with Seth Rollins 

I’m assuming that means there will be classes as follows: Hiding 101, Sprinting 101-A: Best paths to take, Sprinting 101-B: How to efficiently use your strength to run as fast as possible, Manipulation 206: How to make people think you’re sorry when you’re really not [same as: Pity 302: Perfecting the pout].

Yeah, I’m sure Seth will be great at that!

Rusev shambling down the ramp, pleading for Lana’s love.

Really, Rusev? Could you be anymore of a pitiful, pathetic little shambling excuse of a man?

If so, please step it up, this is entertaining in the most unfortunate way.

Tamina super kicking Brie Bella at ringside.

My jaw still hurts from witnessing it. It’s no sweet chin music, but it damn well gets the job done, and definitely hurts from the comfort of my own home.

New Day teaching Bo Dallas how to clap

I never knew I needed Bo teaming with New Day, until it finally happened. It just seems so fitting, bo-lieving in ridiculous things that will never happen, preaching their greatness….it all just goes together.

Titus throwing Kofi to the side like a cheap ho.

Pimpin’ ain’t easy, sometimes you just have to take a ho and toss them aside.

Dean wanting to give Bray a real Cincinnati style message on Roman’s behalf.

Something about a sock and a five pound–okay it doesn’t matter. It’s the thought that counts! Look, sometimes, you have to get a little street to get the job done.

The frightened look of security as they try to escort Roman from the building.

Come on, they couldn’t have possibly expected that they would be able to drag Roman out of there. Even if there were three of them. Three tiny little hobbits are no match for an angry father being harassed by a swamp-creature-psychopath.

Dean….dancing because he’s so fired up?

I don’t…I don’t know what it was. I mean…it looked like step-dancing but then it looked like the Uso’s entrance dance and then a mixture between “I’m a lunatic and I’m just flailing my limbs and hope it works” sort of thing.

Whatever it was, it was entertaining.

Ah SmackDown…probably could have been better. Now that there’s no PPV to look forward to, I just…I don’t know how they’re going to carry everything for three more weeks. I got used to the rushed feeling of two weeks between a PPV. But now…now I don’t know any other way.

I’ve been spoiled, and that has ruined my patience. But it’s definitely saved my snack budget.


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