Why is Bray Wyatt so Lonely?


Recently, Bray Wyatt’s affection has been directed towards Roman Reigns. Okay, so Bray has taken to stalking his child and costing Roman a very big win at Money in the Bank. That doesn’t mean he hates the man in any way, shape, or form. He’s just a bit misguided and doesn’t quite understand how to function like a normal human being; as opposed to the creepy swamp thing that he is deep down (or not so deep down) inside!

The real question, as it always is on Sundays, is why? Why does Bray Wyatt stalk and terrorize Roman Reigns and his family? Why does he feel the need to partake in these disturbing mind games that must certainly leave Roman a shell of a man as he calculates his next step? Why is Bray so lonely that he must do these things to him?

The answer is simple, Bray Wyatt had a damn hard life.

First it started when he was but a child. It’s quite obvious that he’s adopted the swamp-man demeanor because of losing his beloved sister Abigail in a swamp all those terrible years ago. That was the beginning, taking on the very thing that terrified him and took his soul away.

In addition to adopting this persona, he also found himself clinging desperately to Disney movies.

Yes folks, Disney movies. Those same movies that leave you up at night sobbing, wondering how anyone could make an adult cry by watching a lion cub witness his father’s death.

Disney movies were always a key role in his development. Rarely in these films do you find a protagonist with a full family. Bray was able to connect with these films on such a personal level. This way, Bray was able to adapt and see that you can in fact carry on when you lose the ones you love.

I mean….he veered more towards the antagonists quite clearly due to his disturbing childhood loss, but that’s besides the point! Bray just wanted a family all his own.

Eventually he got one, the Wyatt family. Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan, Luke Harper–the brothers from the black lagoon. The swamp creatures that followed the buzzards and burned all hygienic products in their path.

Yet just like he lost his sister Abigail (okay maybe not in the same way, but lost nonetheless), he lost his two brothers.

Bray tried recruiting others into his family. He wanted a full family! He needed one! He wanted the makeshift family of those beloved Disney characters…just went about it in a completely cruel and devilish way! There was Dean Ambrose–he would have been a perfect fit but he put up too much of a struggle. For a brief moment in time there was Ryback, but that one didn’t fit too well with what he wanted.

Third time’s the charm, and like Goldilocks did once before, Bray found the third choice to be perfect.

Roman Reigns.

Roman Reigns has a family already, but Bray clearly feels as thought it’s missing something very crucial. Creepy uncle Bray Wyatt from the swamp!

Bray Wyatt….you disturbing, creepy man. You don’t need to try and pull these Superstars into your demented family. Just go find some therapy. Or soap, add some water to that as well. But not swamp water, anything but that.


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