Money in the Bank: Did I Just See That?! (6/14/15)

Kickoff Show Promo: Jojo and Ryback Is Ryback worried about Big Show's size advantage? Uh....apparently not? He knows who Big Show truly is...a bitter man...apparently. Ryback got all sorts of personal with this and I...I don't see the point. This was uncomfortable. Someone go silence that man with a hot dog or something. Promo:Roman Reigns and Dean... Continue Reading →


Assessing Money in the Bank: It’s Rumor City (6/13/15)

As with any good/decent/semi-decent/let's not even remember that happened-pay per view; rumors will always accompany them. Someone's going to turn, friendships will be broken, alliances destroyed forever, tantrums being witnessed by all. To put it bluntly, the viewers usually make the PPV seem like a complete shit-show is about to go down before anything actually... Continue Reading →

WWE Only Has Two Divas

It seems as though there are only two divas on the roster. Paige, and Nikki Bella. Although, I'm not quite sure if it should be three divas and add in Brie Bella. It may only still count as two, considering lately she's only been switching places with Nikki when it's convenient of course. All technicalities... Continue Reading →

WWE Network is Rage Inducing

Don't get me wrong, the network is great. Sometimes I can go back and find great matches or episodes of RAW--so long as they don't fall in the category of any of the several years that for some reason seem to be missing. And no, I don't mean anything before 1993. The network is a great way of... Continue Reading →

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