The Problem with ‘Tough Enough’


Here’s the problem with Tough Enough. Now as to not skirt around the issue, I’m going to put this very simply.

I don’t give a shit about how well the contestants can bitch at one another.

Pardon the sailor language, but it seems like there’s more emphasis on a statement when a swear or two is thrown in. Quite honestly though, the amount of cat fights on that show is ridiculous. If I wanted to watch a show that was solely based on petty, scripted drama and fights I would put on Bravo.

Seriously, does WWE know how many Housewives shows there are? I don’t think they’re aware as they’ve tried to add yet another show to that line up with Tough Enough. It’s ridiculous. They’re using this as a way to recruit two new talents (while obviously making countless dollars by profiting off of their 15 minutes of fame). Do they not realize when they recruit people, most of us don’t care that they fought with another girl because of her nickname? Or that one guy is cockier about the next?

The point of this show is to show the grueling part of becoming a WWE Superstar that’s overlooked and often completely forgotten when the universe watches RAW and SmackDown. The point is to showcase how hard these people work because they love the business, they love what they do, and to show how dedicated they are to it.

Yet Tough Enough is a show about petty fights. Rarely does it show any actual work that they do. When they do, it’s a montage of everyone huffing and puffing as they try to get through the task at hand. Do they not know how to run a competition reality show?

Maybe they should go look at Broken Skull Challenge if they want to see what real competition and reality show looks like on TV.

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