SmackDown: You’re Not Missing Much (7/2/15)


Seriously I’m still reeling from the fact that I haven’t had a PPV yet. Oh, and that yet another month has been free on the Network. This is about half the year at this point isn’t it? Also, what is this intro music that’s happening? It’s this weird tropical summer thing and I feel like this may be One Direction. That’s not Justin Bieber, but I almost feel like they’re trying to say something about Seth Rollins.

Okay, there aren’t many highlights down below. SmackDown just wasn’t having a good night.


Jamie Noble had something inappropriate on his Apple watch.

Seth tried to hide it for him, but we all know what he was doing.

Bray Wyatt slamming Dean Ambrose spine first onto the barricade.

Ouch, that was brutal….but you know, what’s wrestling without some ridiculous brutality, right?

Jimmy Uso going crazy on commentary.

Good grief, how many times did this man say shell-shock? Too many to count, but he seemed too amused by himself, which in turn was quite amusing.

Bray taunting Roman by mentioning how he couldn’t protect Dean Ambrose.

Okay this is just WONDERFUL. Bray’s getting so personal with this feud and it’s just magic. Psychotic Bray Wyatt pulling and picking at everything that Roman stands for and those that are close to him. This is so beautiful. Bray is saving SmackDown right now with the cruel threat he issues to Roman.

Fan Shouting: Aw no Rusev No!

I feel the same way buddy. I too was team Rusev and Lana. Rusev and Summer Rae is just…it’s not the same.

Seth Rollins flipping up a turnbuckle.

Good grief, if that’s what happens when you’re hit by Roman Reigns then someone remind me never to anger that man.

Roman and Dean sacrificing Joey Mercury.

Like the little sacrificial lamb he is. Hey, that’s what happens when you decide to work for Seth Rollins. He should have known that at some point he’d be left for dead. It’s all his fault quite honestly.

Well, SmackDown happened. Seemed a little lackluster, though I suppose one can blame that on half the roster being gone for the event in Tokyo. The good news is–there was great product placement for the Apple watch. The bad news is, most people can’t afford to buy that watch. Come on Seth, you’re such a giving man. Just let a helicopter drop a bunch of boxes of those things onto the WWE Universe. Whoever can catch one and not get a concussion from getting hit in the head with a box gets to keep it!

Wow you can tell the PPV withdrawals are setting in.


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