Why is Tamina Snuka So Quiet?


Ah, Tamina Snuka. We all have seen this quiet She-Hulk before. She’s Naomi’s right hand gal. The woman who can make you tremble with just one excruciating glare. A woman who, if she approaches the barrier, will make you jump back so as not to suffer her wraith. Tamina is a power house.

But she’s also quiet, so very quiet. Tamina’s like a silent killer–hell, she’s a great white shark of the ring. Nothing can stand in her way, as she is one unstoppable woman. A regular force to be reckoned with….but a quiet force. Like a hurricane without any sound.

Or if we stay on the shark reference, picture deep sea diving without a cage, and you’re deaf! Then a shark comes and eats you up. That’s what it’s like to be near Tamina. Basking in the aura of a silent, deadly, calculated killer. Now the question is, why?

Why is Tamina so quiet? Why does she stay by Naomi’s side and barely make a single peep? What is going on that leaves her resistant to opening her mouth and voicing her opinion most of the time?

Well, it’s quite simple. Tamina’s plotting the downfall of the Diva’s division.

Oh yes, it’s clear as day. Why waste time and energy mouthing off to bratty divas when she can just use that time planning? All that valuable time she spends in silence is being used to plan a very elaborate downfall for each Diva on the roster. The plan is to pick them off one by one, until no one is left but the Diva’s Champion.

That one will be especially enjoyable to destroy. Tamina just may take her sweet time and relish the experience of destroying the champion before taking the belt for herself.

This has to be it! Why else would a destroyer such as Tamina remain completely silent and not have many matches, unless it was to plan the downfall of every diva there?


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