SmackDown: Same Ol’ Thing (7/9/15 Highlights)


Welcome back to SmackDown Highlights, where the content of this post will probably be scarce and slightly disappointing due to the content of SmackDown being scarce in entertainment, therefore slightly disappointing. While I do try to make up for this with sarcastic remarks and the occasional obscure reference, one can only do so much.


Seth: Brock Lesnar is a coward.

I always enjoy listening to Seth come up with new ways each and every time he’s on my TV about how he’s going to get Brock Lesnar to kill him. Last time it was Brock being Paul Heyman’s bitch. Today it’s him being a coward. Right on dude.

Dean simply toying with Bo Dallas during his match.

To be fair, I’d mess with Bo too. How can anyone take a sarcastic, giant man-baby seriously?

Jojo said Rusev comes from Walgaria.

So that means his best friends and or possibly distant relatives are Waluigi and Wario, right?

Jimmy Uso can’t be bothered to help Roman Reigns

Seriously, Roman gets hit with sister Abigail and all he can do is say “watch out Uce” in the calmest voice humanly possible? Eesh, what a great cousin.

Randy Orton shuts up The Ascension

Thank. God.

Seth Rollins looks utterly pathetic.

He was the big man on campus when it came to facing off against Dean Ambrose, swearing he could do everything on his own and doesn’t need anyone. Yet now he tries to leave a match against Ryback? Good grief. This man is a hot mess.

In Summary: history repeats itself on SmackDown. That’s it. That’s the show.


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