Why Does Bo Dallas Pick on Dean Ambrose?


Bo Dallas is a special little snowflake, isn’t he? A big man, running around in a giant diaper. He looks like the forgotten love child of cupid that fell from the clouds and hit everything on his way down. Hell, he looks like he landed in a swamp and swam his way to the ring every single time he comes out. Or…one could say he fell into a deep fryer. I don’t know you guys, the man just seems a little too greasy and gross to me.

Bo is a rather special type of individual. He picks the apple of his eye and offers such beautiful words of encouragement, that some deranged people may see this as rather insulting or demeaning! Blasphemous really, some just don’t understand..

His current object of affection is one Dean Ambrose. Now that seems rather peculiar for Bo, but he has his reasons. No, it’s not because all the fangirls told him to. It’s also not because Dean stole his heart, or his title, and as far as we know he’s not checked into the Ambrose Asylum. So, why is Bo picking on Dean?

Well, Bo just wants the attention from Dean because he clearly idolizes him.

Think about it. Every motivational speaker needs someone to look up to, someone to admire, someone that makes them want to chase the dream! That man just happens to be Dean Ambrose, and one can of course understand why. He’s been kicked down so many times before. He’s been beaten to points that some would think was beyond return. Yet he’s still there, fighting tooth and nail and doing the very best he can.

Dean working so hard makes Bo feel like he can…bo-lieve again. It gives Bo purpose! So, to further idolize his hero he figured he could offer his motivational expertise. Bo picking on Dean isn’t meant to be malicious in the slightest. In fact, it’s just his attempt in keeping his hero motivated to be the best that he can be.

Honestly, that’s something to be admired of this man.

Bo’s not mean, he’s just trying to do good things for other people. He just wants to make sure their heart stays in the fight!

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