MTV ‘Scream’ Episode 1: Every Trope Filler’s Dream


A Friendly Reminder…

It goes without saying that it’s incredibly difficult to compare a television adaptation to it’s film grand-daddy. It just isn’t fair, both have different rules and regulations to follow which means the content will of course change.

However, that obviously won’t stop myself or many others from comparing the show ‘Scream’ to the original film that warmed our hearts or had us evacuating our bowels.

Or both, at the same time. Which quite honestly, sounds a bit like a medical issue.

The First Murder:

Now in any good Scream film, the first death sets the tone. Hell, the very first death with our beloved Drew Barrymore is above levels of iconic. That’s a hard death to be able to beat, especially going from the big screen to the little screen.

Even though some people have ‘little’ screens which are much, much larger than expected for a home.

Does the first death of the episode of our hated high school bitch Nina seem nearly as iconic as Casey Becker’s?

Not really.

Now the movie and show take place during two very different times, the 90’s and now, 2015, a year of internet addictions and #hashtags4days. Nina’s death seems perfect for this day in age. Being toyed with via text messaging, the teasing, the flirting. It fits, as texting has become a way of expressing a variety of different emotions and motives.

It just doesn’t seem as haunting as Casey’s.

Casey’s murder started out friendly, almost cute which one could say is the same with Nina. Although if you thought that was a ‘cute’ scene with Nina, we may have different ideas about the word ‘cute’. Nina’s attacker however takes on a far more personal approach with her whereas Casey’s just having a good time with a stranger until he gets a little too creepy for comfort.

Casey’s death is a slow burn. She goes from feeling completely at ease to…well, having her insides laid out like a portrait. Ghostface plays with her like it’s a game, and the cat and mouse chase ensues. The chase which has you rooting and cheering for the young lady as she tries to escape and save herself, but ultimately fails.

We don’t get that same feeling from Nina. She’s oblivious the entire time. Sure, she’s a little on edge at first but once she realizes her pervert ex boyfriend is the one texting her, all is well! There’s hardly a chase when it comes to Nina’s death. It ends so quickly that there’s barely any room for mind games, and the chase isn’t quite as iconic, nor does it live up to Casey’s.

With the use of technology the show seems to be incorporating quite at lot (which seems to be a main theme), it does make her death fitting for the time. Hey, at least the dog lived, right?

All Teenage Stereotypes are filled!

We’ve got the brainy girl and her dumb jock boyfriend. He has his idiot wood shop ‘doosh’, the Asian ‘good girl’, the slutty ‘bad girl’, the nerd, his film obsessed best friend, and the tall, dark, and mysterious new kid in town.

Man, this town’s pretty white, though. Rich neighborhoods don’t have any other sorts of individuals?

Emma seems TOO good.

Really though. Smart girl, goes to school, seems to have a heart of gold even though she makes SOME mistakes. She’s too….too nice. She’s like the caramel filling in a piece of chocolate, I don’t like it. Throw a fit, punch someone in the mouth, give someone the middle finger for the love of all that is holy!

Although, she does make a comment about not liking your friends in high school.

Uh. No. That’s…. that’s not how relationships work. You should at least like 75% of your friends during this time in your life. The 25% you don’t like you keep around because you love to watch their drama unfold. Duh.


It’s interesting. It sticks to typical Scream like fashion in laying out everything that’s supposed to happen. Telling you exactly what to expect out of the film and why things are happening. Much like other shows, prepare to have your heart ripped out, as the show runners will stop at nothing to get you to fall in love with at least one character before they’re brutally murdered.

After all, I’m still bitter about Randy and he died many sequels ago.


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