MTV’s ‘Scream’ Episode 2: Someone’s Great With Technology


Ah, episode two. If you think the first episode had you wondering who the hell did it, this one will further confuse you and possibly ruin (or fuel) any theories you had!

Rachel’s Death

I had some vibes about this one. It seems slightly reminiscent to Cici Cooper’s death in Scream 2. It’s possible I’m just looking for the nostalgia factor, but being thrown off of a balcony of some sort? Alright, one girl snapped her neck and the other was stabbed and thrown overboard. Can’t have everything be the same though!

This killer is very tech savvy!

Think about it. He sends a gif to the entire student body, (or town?) of himself and Nina’s dead body having a swell time in the pool. He sends text messages from people’s phones pretending to be someone else. Not only that, but he has the ability to change his voice to that of other’s (unless it’s the actual person…I have no idea).

In the Age of Internet, he’s doing a fine job of being a creepy technological stalker and destroyer of one’s peace of mind.

Emma’s already got her survival instinct!

A 2×4, a baseball bat. She’s willing to pretty much grab anything in order to defend herself. Honestly, it’s so much more beneficial to grab something to beat a person to death with. Running can only get you so far (about as far as you can get depending on your speed and whether or not you fall). So grabbing a weapon? That has to raise her survival rate by about…30%?

What’s up with the English teacher?

Seriously, can’t the guy find someone his own age? It’s a little weird, to be honest. You’re a teacher! Go date the math instructor or something.

Hmmm…is he up to anything fishy? Does he want to make a horror novel of his own in reality, so he may write it down and profit? Perhaps he’s a distant relative of Brandon James? Or, he’s the older brother Emma never knew he had! Having been the product of Brandon and Daisy, he’s out for revenge for his father and for being a dumpster baby…

Or he’s just a pervert. Anything can happen really.

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