MTV ‘Scream’ Episode Three: Choose Wisely


Alright everybody let’s just cut to the chase shall we? This post will be, as usual, a spoiler filled post. So, if you do not enjoy reading about what happened or you want to watch the actual episode, do not read this. However, if you are like me and on occasion find yourself wanting to read about a few highlights picked out by one person and their sole opinion, then by all means carry on.

Will and Jake are shady people.

Honestly, these two have a whole sub-plot of their own happening for them. Hell this could be a mini-series as a lead up to some sort of Brokeback Mountain homage. Alas, this homage would include an additional individual, that being Tyler. The three of them together have something going on that involves money being hidden away.

Now previously we’ve heard Will trying to get Jake to delete files off of his computer. Jake was spotted very briefly watching Nina dance around naked, not knowing any of this was being recorded I assume. So, were the boys running a secret web cam porn site?


Later in the episode as ‘Riley’ is supposed to meet Tyler, we learn that the man isn’t the teenager everyone’s looking for. Rather, just a guy that was paid $200 to show up and deliver a message.

Could this be part of the money that Will, Jake, and Tyler all had hidden away?

Or is it Kieran’s work? As he has disappeared for a large portion of the episode, just as the drama heats up.

When someone tells you to stay put, stay put!

Riley, Riley, Riley, I wanted to punch her right in the throat.

When there is a masked serial killer on the loose and you are inside a police station, stay inside! Forget about your friendships and being a good person for once! It’s all about self preservation. Should the killer have somehow gotten into the station and murdered you? Fine, you gave it a shot.

But going outside? Terrible plan, she did it to herself. I’m honestly very disappointed in her, especially given her love of all things scary, plots and the like?

Rule 104–never go out to the dark parking lot by yourself to meet someone accused of murder.

Are Noah and Audrey the killers?


Think of it this way, each of them kills the other one’s love interest. It takes the suspicion off of them as they look emotionally distraught. Hell, it could be revenge on Emma for leaving them for the ‘popular’ group of people.

Or they’re genuinely just two hurt kids with terrible love lives.


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