SmackDown: …I can’t even try with this show anymore (7/16/15 Highlights)


Alas, the final SmackDown before the Battleground PPV. Might WWE pull out all the stops for this? Will they put a last few details into these stories before we watch these people attack each other so savagely?!

Probably not, but something interesting has to happen.

Bray and Roman discussing Bray’s hammer.

Unless he’s Thor, Bray should not have a hammer. It doesn’t feel right. Maybe a sickle, he seems like a sickle type of guy. Very uh…fitting of his demeanor.

You know, because he’s an absolute nut job.

Jimmy Uso said Cesaro was a real life Popeye.

After that standing suplex to Rusev, I’m inclined to agree with him because that was absolutely ridiculous. My spine snapped in half just watching that move.

The traumatized look on Summer Rae’s face…

Right after Cesaro hit Rusev with the neutralizer and pinned him. Oh that was absolutely hysterical.

Stardust’s face as he waited for Neville to enter the ring.

Pair that with the lighting (or lack thereof) and that creepy…smile of his? Dear god I think I’m going to have nightmares for weeks.

Oh, and a need for therapy.

Dean did something weird as usual.

I don’t know if he meant to do it or he tripped…but it worked, and I’m entertained by it! Then you know, he died on the announce table after delivering a massive DDT.

Worth it, if you ask me!

Alas, before I knew it SmackDown was over. Honestly, it didn’t feel like any big thing before a PPV. Doesn’t feel like the stories have come together either. Most of them have lost momentum. Now I just want Cesaro and John Cena to have another match instead, that can be Battleground all on its own!

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