RAW: The Dead Man Returns (7/20/15 Highlights)


Oh good grief, the RAW post-PPV. Not only that, this is a post-PPV RAW where the night before the Dead Man himself, the Undertaker, made a reappearance. We haven’t seen this man since WrestleMania, and what does he do? He makes Brock Lesnar regret ever breaking the streak, and it’s glorious. Plus we saw a Wyatt family semi-reunion, a Diva’s triple threat match that makes you kick and scream with joy…

Ah, what a night. So the follow up better be damn good.


Undertaker kicked off RAW.

That’s it, that’s all you need. Nothing else matters. The rest of the night doesn’t matter in the slightest because Undertaker is kicking off RAW.

The locker room gathering to keep Brock and Undertaker from murdering each other.

That’s just priceless. Also the only time you’ll see most of those superstars on TV for quite some time.

Brock and Taker brawling in the ring.

Which required all of security and most of the locker room to pry them apart. It’s safe to say all of the security guards have gotten concussions at this point, and now everyone in the locker room has had a fair chance at RAW for roughly three minutes.

Yet Rollins,Ambrose,Reigns,Cena, Wyatt, Harper–none of them were out to try and stop the fight. Pft, blasphemous.

Brawl continues in the hallway.

This entire thing was magnificent! R-Truth is the one smart man in a fight telling everyone to give Brock space and leave him alone. Seriously, that’s what the person needs (no sarcasm, it’s definitely the smartest thing to do).

But security actually zip-tied Brock instead of handcuffing him. Really? Pretty sure he can break that if he wants to.

Either way, it feels like they’re already in New York for SummerSlam, ah, so many flashbacks of my youth just watching these two fight.

Bray makes creepy Roman fan art on Luke Harper’s vest.

Alright. What the hell?!

Seth Rollins making Lillian Garcia announce him as the champion the proper way.

You tool.

There were TWO Divas Matches!

Both were AWESOME. Brie vs. Charlotte and Paige and Becky versus Sasha and Naomi. Absolutely beautiful.

Summer Rae has transformed into Lana.

A version that apparently to Rusev looks like an angel.

…I don’t think angels look like that Rusev, unless they’ve gotten sent down to the very depths of hell.

Cena and Randy being so entertained as their opposing team falls apart, losing members one by one.

I mean, I’d be entertained too seeing the big dope Sheamus walk out right before Kevin Owens, both of them throwing hissy fits. Ah, Rusev never stood a chance.

The Main Event was just beautiful beyond belief.

Lana coming out to lay the beat down of Summer’s life (including ripping out that weave). Good god almighty. Cena, Orton, and Cesaro all had far too much fun by the end of it. Yet Cesaro slingshotting Rusev into the RKO? Glorious.

Honestly, this RAW was absolutely magnificent. Awesome matches, multiple Divas matches, great segments….ugh. It was great. I can’t wait for next week (because let’s be honest, SmackDown will be hopeless for some time).

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