MTV ‘Scream’ Episode Four: These Teens Are Shady


Another episode down–somehow another teenager lives! As far as we know. Well, you can’t have one of the main teenagers die every single episode, then the season would be too short! Plus you can’t just have random teenagers dying in the background to add to the gore factor. Every death has a reason behind it, so it’s understandable that somehow we’ll go an episode without anyone dying.

As per usual, this will undoubtedly be a post somewhat riddled with spoilers. Proceed with caution.

Blackmail Porn?

Apparently that’s a thing? That also sounds highly illegal and may result in federal prison for certain people.

Jake and Will have talked about finishing something that Nina started. After Emma and her sidekicks of Noah and Audrey find Nina’s laptop filled with files on people (Emma, Mayor, Sheriff, etc), we discover that one of those videos is in fact Emma and Will sleeping together for the first time.

Holy run on sentences Robin!

So…is this webcam pornography that’s being uploaded to the world wide web so that Will, Jake, Tyler, and Nina can profit from it all? It would certainly make it easier for Will to pay his tuition for Duke…

Or, are these files only being held as a way of extorting money from officials? For example, it seems that the Mayor is being hounded from money, 100K in fact. Hmmm…now who was he sleeping with?

Now I’m just assuming that he’s sleeping with someone. He could be doing anything for all we know.

Brooke’s parents suck.

So the Mayor is Brooke’s father, and we have yet to see her mother at all. Sounds like Brooke has a case of two absent parents–now isn’t that rather sad? No wonder she’s chasing around her creepy pedophile of a teacher, she’s completely ignored at home.

Although, now I’m suspicious. I just feel bad for her now, we’re opened up to her story. We’re meant to feel something towards her, the way we felt about Riley falling in love with Noah…

Is Brooke the next victim?

Emma and Audrey–possibly BFF’s again?

Well, probably not. I can’t imagine Emma wanting any friendship with anyone now that all of her friends are well, dying. However, I bet exploring a creepy, disturbing, bloody hospital must feel like old times.

That’s a lie, I don’t know what old times were like with Audrey and Emma. If they were exploring abandoned hospitals in their youth then I am both very concerned and disappointed with their parents.

Now that we’re on the subject of Audrey, this does raise a question…

Why isn’t Audrey a target?

I don’t understand that, it doesn’t add up.

Brooke was sent a text message leading to a poll wondering who should die next (between her and Emma of course). The only two faces that were there were Nina and Riley who have already died.

Audrey’s nowhere on that list, yet Rachel, whose only relation that we know of is Audrey’s girlfriend, and the girl in the video, was murdered. Are they girlfriends? Was it official? Audrey didn’t seem too sure, so I have no idea what to refer to her as.

Audrey wasn’t a target, but Rachel was the second (technically the third) victim.

Can you say….suspicious?

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