MTV ‘Scream’ Episode Five: The Duval’s Get Laid


WARNING: Spoilers as Always!

Right, now that we’ve taken care of that little message, it’s time to go on with the show. Or…the summary/highlight/odd conspiracy theories of the show.

Sheriff’s Ex-Partner returns!

Her name is Lorraine, and she’s definitely ruined the Sheriff’s day. Now, there’s clearly animosity between the two of them from the very beginning. Are they perhaps…ex-lovers? Whatever they appear to be (not sure if lovers or just friends with benefits), the Mayor seems overly pleased to have her on board. This means that Sheriff will be taking the backseat to this case.

Hmmm….interesting. We’ve seen a lot during this episode.  Mayor blackmail giving teens thousands of dollars to destroy video evidence, him stalking his daughter’s lovely friends… dragging the body of his wife from the trunk of his car. Now, how does the Mayor’s disturbing social life tie into the introduction of Lorraine?

Well, he’s clearly looking to cover some stuff up. He doesn’t want the Sheriff to get too close, might as well have someone else on the payroll to make sure he’s completely clean.

Jake is a sadist.

Think about it. He says he enjoys to torture ice–now of course, I took this as a joke.However, if you pair that with his behavior throughout the show so far, it’s pretty clear.

He’s the ‘muscle’ of the dynamic duo of Jake and Will. He’s the man that has no issues with hitting the Mayor. Now, he also looks on adoringly at Brooke as she watches the footage they have on her father. There’s a disturbed little glimmer in his eyes and he seems to be filled with joy when he takes in the pained look on her face.

Plus here’s a freebie–his 50 Shades of Gray reference when he and Brooke are paired up on a project together.

Yet I bet he’s not the killer, just a really peculiar, kind of disturbing kid. Or a mirror image of myself, depends on how you look at it.

Everyone has sex in this episode!

Not everyone.

Emma and her mother both have sex with the Sheriff and his son.

Not at the same time.

OR in the same place.

Really, both Duval women had a fun night with the Wilcox men.

Doesn’t that seem odd to anyone? It’s not just a little, tiny bit weird?

So we’ve got some background work done…

We’ve learned the Sheriff did both pills and Lorraine. The Mayor is a creepy scumbag. Will and Jake’s partnership has fallen, and Jake has knowingly thrown Will under the bus. This was a less Emma centric episode, and focused more on everyone else, especially Brooke and the Mayor.

Good, we’ve needed that! I mean, this entire town is a confusing train wreck of a story, but we needed to know just why everyone is such a hot, dead mess.

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