RAW: Braun Strowman Destroyed 2/3 of the Shield (8/31/15 Highlights)

Man, what a time to be a wrestling fan right? RAW hadn't even started, and Monday had already been quite an eventful day. Hell, the weekend was especially eventful. It's quite amazing what goes around like wildfire on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram, isn't it? Well then, enough of that! Onto the show. Highlights Stephanie McMahon... Continue Reading →


Why is a Hall of Famer on the cover of WWE 2k16?

Ah, good ol' Stone Cold Steve Austin. That beer drinking, ass kickin' sumbitch.... Why are you on the cover of WWE 2k16? Don't get me wrong, I love Stone Cold. Millions of people love Stone Cold Steve Austin. He's an icon, he's a legend, he's the bald head of the attitude era! He's also very... Continue Reading →

SmackDown: The Shield Knock-Off Loses Again! (8/27/15 Highlights)

Welcome to SmackDown, the show that never lives up to RAW and doesn't even try! However, now that those damn Dudley Boyz are back, there's a slight chance that more effort will be put in! There's another Wyatt family member...and uh....that's it really...those are probably the only two things that will bring more entertainment. Highlights... Continue Reading →

MTV Scream Episode 9: Murderers are Party Poopers

Warning: Spoilers, sarcastic, possibly downright awful comments to follow. Read at your own risk--or amusement. I don't know who you are, some people enjoy horror mysteries that end in bloodshed and terror. You sicko... Now, onto the good stuff! We know that whoever the killer is, definitely stole the mask from the evidence room. First of all, shout out to the... Continue Reading →

RAW: GET THE TABLES (8/24/15 Highlights)

Once again, it's time for the post-PPV RAW. Tantrums will be thrown, statues will hopefully be erected, and....more tantrums will be thrown, obviously. Then there's something going on with the InterContinental title...eh. Highlights Of course it starts with Seth's dad, Triple H praising his performance, plus he's going to unveil Seth's new statue! Oh please,... Continue Reading →

SmackDown: (8/20/15 Highlights)

Oh yeah, SmackDown! Before you know it we'll be experiencing four hours of SummerSlam! Prep your snacks everyone! But before that, we have to endure all the matches scheduled for Summer Slam in around 15 minutes or less on SmackDown. Highlights  That weird haze during SmackDown... Was the entire audience blazing up? What's with this weird haze... Continue Reading →

MTV Scream Episode 8: Piper’s a Bit Too Helpful

Warning: Spoilers ahead, proceed with caution! Also if you're a bit squeamish (though I'm not sure why you'd watch this show if that was the case) there is no death scene! However, there's uh....some really graphic and quite lovely hallucinations which may or may not haunt your dreams. Have fun! Right...now where can we possibly begin with Tuesday's very trippy episode?... Continue Reading →

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