Why is Kevin Owens Such a Sore Loser?

Ah, Kevin Owens. Where can we even begin with that man? The way he speaks either puts someone to sleep or makes their hair stand on end before running away as far as humanly possible. He’s knows just how good he is, and he pairs that with sheer brutality and complete disregard for anyone but himself.

It’s painfully delightful.

Yet, there’s a part of him that takes us back to being children. Kevin Owens is an absolute sore loser. If he’s not going to get his way, he has a fit. Whether it’s interfering with matches to beat his opponents while they’re already down (wow, strong man right?), or leaving matches because he’s had enough of these partners that he deems too stupid to work with. Kevin Owens, much like Seth Rollins, is a bratty little child that just wants to get his way.

The question we ask every Sunday is of course, why?

Why is Kevin Owens such a sore loser? What causes him to lead a life of revenge, coupled with narcissism and brutality? Why does he do the things that he does?!

Quite frankly, Kevin Owens believes he’s the new and improved John Cena. He does what he does because he needs to be more like Cena–never lose! Or is it never give up? Never back down? Never say never?

Oh forget it! The man has so many slogans it’s impossible to keep up!

In addition, Cena can’t always be in the ring forever. He’ll have to go sometime, and Kevin is ready to swoop in for that spot. After all, just look at Cena now. A broken nose that resembles Brian Griffin getting beaten with a golf club–and that was a cartoon! Cena’s face is destroyed just by a knee. 

He’s getting older, he’s been around for just so damn long…

His time is up, and Kevin’s time is now.

So until he can usurp the power of Super Cena, he must destroy everyone in his path. Whether he wins or loses, he must put these people in their place so that he may gain the respect overnight that Cena has gained through years of hard work.

Granted, Kevin isn’t getting respect so much as he’s getting fear and comical insults courtesy of Cesaro–at least he thinks he’s doing good things.


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