MTV Scream Episode 6: Detective Brock is the Shadiest Human to ever be Shady.

Warning: Spoilers and bad jokes along with sarcastic humor ahead. Proceed with caution, or an open mind. Possibly both.

Ah, episode six! We are nearing the last stop of this murder train and things are only getting more….confusing. Who the hell is the killer(s)? Do Emma and her mother really have some crazy mother daughter sex appointment thing!?

Truthfully, I don’t know, but that won’t stop me from making comments.

Detective Lorraine Brock is shady (and as the kids say, AF).

This new detective put on the case by the mayor just rubs me the wrong way. It seems that the two of them just want a definite killer and to pin the crimes on someone, no matter who it is. I can’t say that I’m surprised. The mayor wants this to be over with and closed for good because he doesn’t want people to move out of the town. Detective Brock just seems like she has an entire bag of chips on her shoulder.

For one, she accuses Emma’s mother of missing evidence. Considering she’s one of the people affected and how desperately she wants this all to end, I think that it’s unlikely she’d miss anything.

Secondly, she questions Audrey without a parent present. A seasoned detective such as herself should most definitely know better, don’t you think?

Thirdly, she states that they found Audrey’s DNA inside the killer’s mask that they found at the hospital. But what kind of DNA? Was this saliva, hair, a fingerprint? I need to know what was inside the mask or I’m just going to assume you put DNA in there based on the most likely suspect.

Hmph, a travesty really.

Emma’s mom comes clean.

I probably should refer to her as something else besides Emma’s mom….but I’m not going to.

They visit the Brandon James house, and she finally comes clean about everything. How Brandon was her friend, how he loved her and was trying to help her while she was going through a rough time with Emma’s dad. It seems as though Brandon James was the true victim here all along.

What if Emma’s father was the real killer?

Perhaps he was the one who committed those murders so very long ago. After all, the only person that lived to tell the tale really….was him. It was the perfect crime. Brandon James gets blamed, he’s hailed as the lone survivor of the attacks…

It makes it easy for him to return so many years later. Perhaps he’s still bitter over the entire situation, and wants to hurt his ex-wife because he still thinks of her and Brandon James together all the time.

It would make sense for why Will becomes abducted when helping Piper get the inside scoop on the mayor. Will filmed himself having sex with Emma, the footage was leaked into the internet world….he wants revenge for his child!

Which is odd, considering he could be killing all of her friends, but really they were bad people. But, he leaves Audrey and Noah alone–probably the only two who were good to Emma.

Speaking of strange disappearing men…

There’s Mr. Branson!

Noah remarks that there is no trail of their teacher anywhere else. As soon as he moved to Lakewood, Branson seemed to be born out of thin air. Hmmm, now why is that?

Truthfully, I agree with the whole changing the name thing as a result of a brutal past.

Branson obviously got caught in another town for sleeping with his students and being a complete and total pervert with the underage youth. So, he moves to a new town, creates a new identity, and boom, the pervert Branson is born.

Yes, I’m still riding the Branson is a pervert, train.

Ah, now all that’s left to wonder is….where does this murder train take us?


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