SmackDown: Sassy Roman is Sassy (8/6/15 Highlights)


I don’t even know what to say about SmackDown this week. I’ve already done the ‘it’s a repeat of RAW’ bit a hundred million and one times already…oh, maybe that can be the running gag. I’ll repeat this introduction every week until there’s a change on the show.

Yeah! That’ll keep people entertained!


Roman makes fun of Rusev in the best way.

Points out that the man is creepy, sexist, and makes fun of the fact that he calls his new girlfriend ‘Hot Summer’. Good grief, this opening was every bit as entertaining it could have been–and then some!

Somewhere out there, Lana is giggling with glee, and Dolph Ziggler is hoping that Roman doesn’t charm his way into his girlfriend’s heart.

I think Darren Young killed Xavier and Kofi all by himself.

My body hurts just from witnessing that.

Naomi scored a win!

About damn time!

Stardust calling out Green Arrow.

Stardust is absolutely insane in the membrane, but all he wants is for the Green Arrow to be his hero.

I mean…don’t we all want a hero?

Bray accepts the family vs. family match.

Which is the cheap, knock off of Wyatt Family vs Shield thing everyone loved so dearly. It’s like wanting to buy a Coach bag but instead you go to the shady looking stores on Canal St. and get the 30 dollar knock off.

Everyone knows it’s cheap and horrible, but we’ll try to enjoy it anyway.

Now we wait for Monday, for the appearance of the Green Arrow! Ah, I can’t wait. Will Stardust be singing ‘Hero’, Enrique Iglesias style? Honestly I hope so.


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