#SandowAppreciationDay: The Brilliance of Damien Sandow


Mark this day in your calendar ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages. August 10th, 2015 marks the first ever (possibly annual? who knows where the world will take us) Sandow Appreciation Day.

Or #SandowAppreciationDay , for those who are social media savvy.

This day honors one personable fellow. He’s gone by many names, many personas, and is more commonly known as being the chameleon of the WWE. (That may or not be true. I just made that up, I thought it was witty.)

Most recently, he’s been known as Macho Mandow on television. However on YouTube, one can find him by the name of Sizzle.  Nonetheless this man has been missing from our television screens for far too long, and it’s quite the tragedy.

Why is it a tragedy? Because Damien Sandow is a gift to the WWE.

The crowd loves him regardless of what role he plays. Let’s look at the most famous example of this, Damien Mizdow. A beautiful time where the Miz was met with boos and probably an obscene amount of haters on Twitter. Yet at the same time fans were able to quickly switch between jeers to cheers when Mizdow made his presence known.

The man’s an entertainment genius. No matter what he does he throws himself into it at the fullest capacity. A man of few matches, he still managed to get the love of the crowd as Mizdow.

Then Damien broke free and everyone thought they were going to get a weekly dose of Damien Sandow–the man, the myth, the legend. Yet shortly after….he disappeared. He became Macho Mandow, and was (or is) he entertaining? Yes, absolutely. No matter what Damien Sandow does, he’s a man beloved by many.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way….

What the hell does a fan have to do to get more Sandow on my television screen!?

He’s always been great, and he’s absolutely shining on UpUpDownDown. The amount of times he’s been dropping those rhymes is unreal, and I don’t know how it makes me feel.

Oh wait. It makes me feel damn fantastic because it’s amazing how quickly he throws them out and how good they are. Definitely not just random words thrown together just to make them rhyme (as exhibited above). Hell, Sandow is reminding me of a very classic video.  A battle between Shakespeare and Dr. Seuss, and Sandow is most definitely Shakespeare.

The type of brilliance Sandow exhibits is unmatched. There’s no one out there that’s quite like him. Are there others that are entertaining? Great in the ring? Yes, yes of course, but no one entertains like he does. No one is able to embrace every single role they’re given and just take it above and beyond what’s expected of them every time.

Thus why we have Sandow Appreciation Day.

…Now I don’t have a perfect sign off here, so we’re just going to slowly fade out until we all begin to realize this is the end…


I should have said “You’re Welcome” at the end. Aw damn it

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