RAW: The Green Arrow Strikes! ( 8/10/15 Highlights)


RAW! Tonight we see The Green Arrow himself! Or…is it Stephen Amell? Only time will tell, and what will this showdown bring to the table? Hero versus Villain? Will the Hero take out the Villain early on, or will this battle rage on and nearly destroy the entire universe?

I mean….probably not, you know…that’s…that’s a little  too catastrophic, this isn’t some doomsday plot or anything. But you know, it’ll be something!


Seth: He’s [John Cena] not straight outta compton…he’s straight outta action.

You dork.

Really? Really?! I guess I can’t comment on that…I would have said the same thing.

John’s giant, busted face via satellite.

Yabba dabba doo mother fuckers, John just wanted to inform the C-nation that he now has to give up his career due to his nose job from Picasso.

Surgery, Recovery, Rehab is the new motto. Good for you Cena.

Kevin, Randy, Cesaro entering the ring trying to get a title shot.

Poor Seth is the little lamb backed into a corner while everyone fights over him. He’s so damn popular.

Tamina finally wrestled!

Except it lasted about thirty seconds. At least that one shot she got in was great….it did lead to one hell of a brawl.

Kevin Owens going over the top rope.

Well done you mouthy daredevil. You stayed in the match, and flew over the top rope!

Fly Owens Fly.

The entirety of the triple threat match was golden.

Flying swiss superman, a vintage Randy Orton appears, Kevin Owens learns to fly. It was magical.

Luke stealing Byron’s chair for his beloved Bray.

What a sweet, loving family this is.

Roman rushing at Bray with a superman punch.

To keep that scumbag from going after his best friend during the match. Oh pardon me, I meant brother.

These family dynamics are just  so charming.

Miz saying he’ll rebrand Stephen Amell and teach him how to act once Stardust is done with him.

That’s hysterical, Miz is such a pompous jack ass. But he’s also super giving, seeing as he’s willing to share his talent.

I love it.

Big Show’s had it with the ‘please retire’ chants.

“Find someone to retire me.”

Crowd better calm down, looks like Big Show is seconds away from running into the crowd and eating everyone in sight.

Oh wait…that’s Ryback’s job…right?

I don’t know, they’re practically twins at this point.

Hey….they’d make a great remake of Arnold’s movie if they actually did that.

Summer putting Lana in the accolade.

Well hot damn, good for you girl. Actually, the whole punishing Rusev’s ex-girlfriend because he’s petty and psychotic isn’t exactly good.

But executing the submission maneuver is great!

Green Arrow attacking Stardust.

Sorry, I mean Stephen Amell attacking Stardust. Man, I see why Stardust gets so confused. They’re practically one in the same!

All confusion aside, Green–I mean, Stephen really went bonkers on Stardust. Let this be a lesson to everyone, never slap an superhero–I mean actor!

Green Arrow and Neville versus Wade Barrett and Stardust at Summer Slam!

Sweet lord of the rings, my inner nerd is bouncing across the walls. There’s a superhero in our midst! For real!

Plus I do enjoy the fact that it’s the Green Arrow, and Neville’s finisher is the red arrow.

It’s like Green Arrow and Speedy, how precious.

I like how Sheamus and Randy seem to have this childish thing going on where if one of them does anything, the other needs to ruin it for them. Good grief you guys, you’re adults! Act like it it once in awhile! Occasionally at least….settle it over rock paper scissors or something. Or maybe with a fist fight–

Oh…..I see what they’re doing, okay then!

But honestly, get over yourselves, you do this all the time, and this isn’t a classic like Triple H and Shawn Michaels…it’s just there.

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