MTV Scream Episode 7: Nobody Here is a Truther!


WARNING: Spoilers Ahead!! Experience at own risk….or don’t…but definitely experience it. In some way shape or form! Read it, watch it, look at gifs of it…do something!

Ain’t nobody here is a truther!

Seriously, one of the major themes of this show seems to be truth, telling the truth, withholding the truth…bending the truth. In same way, shape, or form, truth is mentioned at least a million times per episode.

Amazingly in a town full of people with horrendous personal issues, no one seems to be telling the truth! Or if they do, they only allow for a bit of truth to slip out. Just a little bit, a teaser if you will. It’s the equivalent of going to Costco and taking a free sample–except they really only allow you to take one, and you have to fight for your life to obtain the rest.

How did Piper get on school grounds?

Here’s the thing. Piper makes it onto the lovely and charming high school to tell the Scooby-Doo gang what’s going on. Then she disappears for the rest of the episode.

That’s an issue all on its own. A very suspicious issue which leads me to believe she is in fact a part of this, dying to get a good story for her podcast.

Is her podcast actually her career? Because if that’s the case, how do I get in on this?

At the moment, we’re focusing on the fact that it was absurdly easy for Piper to get on school grounds. Do they not have student identification there? Is school fair game? Can anyone just walk onto a high school and get students to leave at their whim? That sounds extremely unsafe, and honestly, quite terrible for a student’s education.

The mayor has a disturbing face.

Kudos to Brooke for confronting her creepy father making money deals with high school students.

Now that that’s over with (gotta love the English language), let’s focus on the Mayor’s face.

It’s creepy! It’s disturbing, it’s weird. Both Two-Face and Freddy Krueger cringed when they saw the look that the Mayor was giving his daughter. No man should look at their daughter that way!

Unless they killed their mother and are plotting to hurt numerous teenagers because they’re insane, and need to be thrown in a federal prison. Honestly, there’s nothing normal about that man. He has issues, he’s very clearly a murderer of some sort…

…I bet he’s going to pull a fast one with Brooke. He’ll say that her mother over-dosed or drank herself to death and he was just trying to dispose of her and not shame her name….or some garbage that politicians lie about.

Mayor, you disgust me.

Kieran had the awkward family dinner with his future step-mom!

Well, if everyone at the dinner lives, then she’ll be his future step-mom….if all goes well. Does that make it weird considering he slept with what could be his future step-sister…?

Odd. Definitely odd.

Poor Kieran though, stuck with the awkward family dinner while Emma is off playing True Detective in a bowling alley. At least he has a semi-solid alibi?

It is suspicious how the killer disappears, and Kieran reappears shortly after. Very Scream-movie-esque of course, yet for the fact that it seems too predictable makes me less likely to believe he’s the killer.

Is Piper working with the Mayor?

Could she have wanted to work with the Mayor? Did he promise her a big pay out to try and find out which teenager is trying to extort money out of him? Do they both just have their own sick, twisted reasons for wanting to kill?

Could Detective Brock still be in on this? She was taken off of the case…but to be removed from the plot off-screen? Hmm…suspicious!

But at least we finally have a death…

…Goodbye Will Belmont you scumbag, horrible teenager!

Is it bad I don’t feel bad at all? Eh, that doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I am one cruel mamma jamma.

But he certainly went out in arguably the best way possible so far.

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