SmackDown: Cesaro, the Batman of the WWE (8/13/15 Highlights)


Ah SmackDown, we meet again! We are so close, yet so far away from SummerSlam, I can practically taste the dirty water Brooklyn hot dogs and swell the sweet scent of train station urine. Ah, memories…

But for now, we must focus on SmackDown. What is there possibly left to do in the lead up to the PPV?!


Seth Rollins sounded like a Harry Potter villain with the way he said ‘Neville’.

He probably had a marathon of all the films earlier.

Neville saying “and on and on and on and on and on…”

Until Cesaro comes out. So, is that his version of the bat signal? You mock how much Seth talks until Cesaro appears?

Luke Harper was born holding the Devil’s hand.

What does that even mean? Did his mother birth the Devil as well? Was Lucifer himself fully grown, or also an infant? Did the Devil just reach up in there to hold his hand or what…?

Post-match brawl between the Wyatt Family, Dean, and Roman.

Roman leaps like a beautiful ballerina, Dean’s throwing himself all over everyone, the Wyatts make love to a barricade…

Ah, what a time to be alive.

Titus tossing Big E to the side.

Like a pimp letting go his oldest ho, that must be a tough thing to deal with.

Cesaro press-slammed Seth from the ring until…well..

Hell, Seth almost hit the barricade.


Talk about taking out the trash.

Cesaro countering the pin into a sharpshooter.

Such a fluid movement, it was wonderful.

He didn’t win, Seth picked up the cheap win, but the counter was great.

Okay…I did what I could for SmackDown this week. They’re just all a bunch of little teasers for SummerSlam, they can only show so much! Makes you wonder what will happen on RAW….


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