MTV Scream Episode 8: Piper’s a Bit Too Helpful


Warning: Spoilers ahead, proceed with caution! Also if you’re a bit squeamish (though I’m not sure why you’d watch this show if that was the case) there is no death scene! However, there’s uh….some really graphic and quite lovely hallucinations which may or may not haunt your dreams.

Have fun!

Right…now where can we possibly begin with Tuesday’s very trippy episode?

Will’s mother is completely indifferent to a blood and guts coated Emma.

I get that she must have been tired from getting the groceries, but seriously, how can she be so casual about it? Your son’s ex-girlfriend that just saved his life is walking out of your farm coated in guts, and the look on your face says “oh my that shade goes great with her hair”.

It’s astonishing! Even the horse was chilling in the background like he didn’t just witness what I’m assuming to be one of his handlers get brutally murdered. You’d think a horse would a least neigh a bit!

…Do horses care about people or are they just majestic creatures that simply don’t care? I don’t know. That’s a question for another day…and another type of blog.

Piper’s an interesting human.

She seems to be all over the place. First she goes to the kids when Will’s in trouble. She doesn’t go to the police, she goes right to the kids and puts them in harm’s way, ultimately leading Will to die having left behind some sort of hero legacy for saving her.

I bet she’ll capitalize on that.

Yes, we know that it had been requested by the charming killer to not involve the police…but you’re an adult, aren’t you Piper?  Why not actually go to the authorities?

OH wait, she eventually does!

Piper brings the evidence of Mayor’s wrongdoings to the Sheriff.

Wow. About time she’s done that. Hmm. Interesting how now she’s ready to share this. Is this an attempt to make herself look good? She’s been seen making note on her podcast that she can no longer be subjective, as she’s now a part of the drama after being miraculously saved by Will.

She wasn’t saved, we all saw that.

This could be an attempt to make herself look good, to appear more admirable to her listeners. Wouldn’t you be slightly more tempted to listen to someone, knowing they have first hand experience with this horrible, murderous trend in town? Aren’t people always more invested in a story when there’s word of a tragic hero?

Yes, usually if all goes well, yes there is.

Brooke’s mom isn’t dead!

Wow, lucky her! She clearly made the right choice going to rehab, she’s staying safe from this whole killing craze that’s going on right now.

Also means that the mayor didn’t actually kill her, just her friend that overdosed. Kind of noble, actually. He takes out the trash and sends his wife to rehab to kick her addiction. Again.

Honestly, it could be worse! It could have actually been Brooke’s mom! Now everyone can rest easy knowing that it wasn’t her mom that was murdered, just another random stranger. Who possibly had a family, and a dog, and a nice house bought with drug money that was also being saved for his kid’s tuition.

Emma’s dad visits!

Am I the only one that doesn’t trust this? He shows up at her hospital room that she’s in for exhaustion and hallucinations, when meanwhile he’s been completely absent? Granted his trail leads to a town not to far from Emma’s…but still!

Especially considering that later on as she has her epiphany that her mother and Brandon James had a child, her father isn’t even real! She imagined all of that!

So did he actually visit her room, or was it another really vivid hallucination that she just told Piper, who may or may not decide to target what’s essentially not even there (because I still think Piper’s definitely the killer).

The amount of acid that I feel like I dropped because of this episode has greatly impaired my ability to know what’s real and what isn’t.

I was so right about Seth Palmer Branson.

This man has a kink for his own students. Granted, the last town he got run out of the student was of legal age…still, that was his student. Also a barely legal student. Someone’s a naughty professor.

Also he wasn’t really run out so much as he clearly fled because he was a key suspect in that young teenager’s murder….so…there’s that.

Plus the vent that had a bloody knife and Tyler O’Neil’s cell phone. Yeah, it’s looking bad for Seth! Now is that better or worse than the fact that he was caught holding Brooke in her lingerie while she was bleeding from a cut on her arm?

Yeah…it’s a bad time to be him, isn’t it?

The evidence is far too conveniently placed, for Seth’s case. Or, he’s just that stupid…but considering he managed to flee town, change his identity, and possibly murder several teenagers….well, he may not be that stupid. Considering that there may be two killers (and with Scream, there almost always is), this could be planted so that the other may kill. Then when that person has done their dirty deed with seth still in jail, Seth is hopefully freed because he couldn’t have committed a murder while being incarcerated.

Thereby freeing up both murderers to do what they do best!

Man, these people really should just move out of that town, far too complicated.


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