SmackDown: (8/20/15 Highlights)


Oh yeah, SmackDown! Before you know it we’ll be experiencing four hours of SummerSlam! Prep your snacks everyone!

But before that, we have to endure all the matches scheduled for Summer Slam in around 15 minutes or less on SmackDown.


 That weird haze during SmackDown…

Was the entire audience blazing up? What’s with this weird haze on my TV screen? Its like Ryback and Big Show fighting in the mists….

This is Gorillas in the Mist.

Kofi presenting Xavier with a beautiful bouquet.

Really, it’s quite lovely. Did he pick those out himself, or did he have assistance from the florist? Were those particular flowers picked because those are Xavier’s favorite colors? The world may never know, and the flowers aren’t important in the slightest. I just feel like these are the type of questions that would be raised if this was a news crew reviewing a really horrible reality show like Tough Enough.

Stardust clarifies what Barrett means by saying “red and green will turn black and blue”.

That means that Neville and Green Arrow will be all sorts of bruised up. Because they will be punched. Thank goodness Stardust told us that the color change is a result of being hit, otherwise I never would have known.

Team Bella spells out “Bella”.

Wow. They can spell.

Good to know.

Sasha says Brie’s been riding her injured husband’s coattails. 

So, they read my blog….good to know.

Dean, Roman, and Randy all want to torture and hurt their opponents…

Cesaro just wants a shirt that says ‘Lose Owens Lose’!  Hey, as Dean said, different strokes for different folks.

Although, ‘Lose Owens Lose’ would also say LOL….I like it. A subtle way for Cesaro’s chest to laugh at Kevin and all his losses, while being comfortable and fashionable.

Forget everyone getting an RKO!

Tonight, everyone gets a Samoan drop!

My spine already hurts from watching this.

The only match I can remember is the main event to be quite honest with you. Everything else was just a blur of two minute matches and painfully awkward promos. Thank goodness we have SummerSlam coming up.

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