RAW: GET THE TABLES (8/24/15 Highlights)


Once again, it’s time for the post-PPV RAW. Tantrums will be thrown, statues will hopefully be erected, and….more tantrums will be thrown, obviously.

Then there’s something going on with the InterContinental title…eh.


Of course it starts with Seth’s dad, Triple H praising his performance, plus he’s going to unveil Seth’s new statue!

Oh please, we all know what will happen. Triple H will turn on Seth, and his reason will be that he explicitly told Seth to wear black and blue, not white and gold.

Then of course Brock and Paul have to be first to set foot into the ring…

…and bitch and moan about their loss at SummerSlam. Although, Paul is very hip on the language of the youth. Took me a moment to realize what GFY meant.

Bo Dallas comes out and very eloquently refers to Brock as “Mr.Brock”.

Then he was sacrificed to Suplex City over and over and over and over and over and over again.. The man is lucky his diaper didn’t turn brown.

The New Day making their way to the ring with an amazing new cover!

Xavier Woods plays the trumpet for their lovely cover of “New York, New York”. Their new lyrics are amazing, their new suits are “on fleek” it was wonderful.

Then Xavier plays “Taps”. This team is glorious.

But it gets better!

The Dudley Boyz make a return!

Welcome to Dudleyville, New Day!! How were those tables? Were they comfortable? It was great to watch. I’m so happy. I don’t care what happens for the rest of the night.

Bray got a new Big Monster man that tried to kill Dean and Roman.

Seriously though man, who are you? Also, please get new pants, because they’re weird as hell.

Charlotte shutting the Miz down.

Yeah, you did not surpass his legacy, Miz. Nice try though. Very lucky Charlotte didn’t kill you.

Becky’s absolutely adorable.

Challenging Foxy to throw soda on her….ha, shoutout to Total Divas, right?

Jon Stewart he admits he couldn’t stand the thought of Cena tying Flair’s streak.

I think Jon died inside.

John Cena hit Stewart with the AA.

Now he’s dead on the inside and on the outside.

Sting is Seth’s statue.

Well he’s not actually the statue, but he was there instead of the statue. That’s practically the same thing.

RAW was action packed and beautiful. Mostly because the Dudleys returned. I’m still very excited about that. Plus they’ll be back on SmackDown! What a time to be alive.

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