MTV Scream Episode 9: Murderers are Party Poopers


Warning: Spoilers, sarcastic, possibly downright awful comments to follow. Read at your own risk–or amusement. I don’t know who you are, some people enjoy horror mysteries that end in bloodshed and terror.

You sicko…

Now, onto the good stuff!

We know that whoever the killer is, definitely stole the mask from the evidence room.

First of all, shout out to the lazy security officer that didn’t notice a burglar run right by him because he was too busy reading. Top notch work there sir, I blame you for all of the deaths that have happened in this mentally disturbed town.

Second, the mask was stolen. There’s quite a large chance that everyone can come away from this saying it’s clear Brandon James is dead, as someone stole his mask.

Or you know, he climbed up from the depths of the lake and took what was rightfully his. I highly doubt that.

Brooke being watched via webcam while she was in her underwear.

Let’s pretend for a second that we all believe it wasn’t Jake who was spying on her. Although, he’s a teenage boy, and he’s done this before. One can never be too sure.

Let’s pretend he didn’t do a thing. Seth, the known webcam spy, is in prison and clearly has no access to a camera for his perverted spying needs. I firmly believe he and Piper are in cahoots together.

So, it could be Piper committing the creepy spying. In doing so she takes some of the attention and heat off of Seth, and instead directs it towards Jake. It’s the perfect plan of an evil genius.

The dynamic duo visits Cassie James–Brandon James’ mother.

By dynamic duo, I don’t mean the magnificent duo of Noah and Audrey. For some reason Piper and Emma make quite the investigative pair…even though Piper inadvertently led to Will’s death.

The slightly-senile woman admits that Brandon’s son visited him, and says that it was Seth, only to later recount it and say it was Kieran only after Piper went back and showed her a photo of him.

Or so she claims.

That’s awfully fishy.

First, the woman’s old age has clearly affected her mind. She’s not all there, so I feel that Emma prompting her by giving her a name was far too easy. Why not just ask if she was able to describe him and see who fits the description?

Although, all of the men here are tall brunettes so, there’s really not much variation.

Now Piper conveniently approaches Emma at the party and tells her that she went back to the old woman in her free time, decided to show her a picture of Kieran, and suddenly its him?


Piper could be lying about even visiting the woman. She could have stayed in her car all day long and waited until it was the perfect time to go and lie to Emma. There’s something extremely shady about Piper, and I feel it’s because she’s working with Seth Branson.

Yes, I’m definitely biased about my analysis at the moment.

Seth Branson’s bloody escape.

Near the end of the episode is when things get a little bit devastating for the town. Kieran conveniently disappears just as his bloody, tied up Sheriff of a father appears on screen at the Halloween party. Piper shows up and claims that Kieran is Brandon James’ son, and we see at the end of the episode that the only thing left in/near Seth’s cell is a murdered officer and a whole mess of blood that would make vampires cringe at all of the spilled deliciousness.

Seth’s escape is tricky. He very well could have gotten out on his own and prove himself to be the vile murderer that everyone thinks he is.

It’s also possible he could have been broken out for one of two reasons. The first being that his partner (Piper or possibly Kieran) wanted to get them out for one last show down. So that the two can wreak havoc upon the town (probably at Brooke’s after party) and end things once and for all.

Or, he could have been broken out to further implicate him. If we go with the idea that Kieran is actually the killer, he breaks Seth out of jail to make it look like he did actually escape with the intent of  going after Brooke (since it’s believed he had attacked her).

Good grief….

As time goes on it’s getting harder and harder to pinpoint who’s the actual killer. Kieran seems the most likely, but I don’t want to believe it’s him for the sheer fact that it seems too obvious. Piper and Seth are still my number one choice for tag team killers.

Although, wouldn’t it be so comical if Noah was master-minding this all along? After all, he does know all the rules of the game.

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