Why the Diva’s Revolution Pisses People Off


There was a time when the WWE Universe was vying for a change within the Divas division of the main roster.

Okay, thats an understatement. The Divas, the fans, everyone and their mothers were hoping for a change. They wanted the main roster to be more like NXT. Long matches that showcased their magnificent wrestling abilities, as well as storylines that people cared about.

Shockingly enough, people are tired of catty women slapping each other around. They’re tired of insults concerning their looks, the brands they decide to wear, whether they’re preppy or geeky–it’s horrible.It demeans the women, and you’d think that with all the care they put out into make the program PG, they’d have more care in what they’re writing.

We’ve got bad guys, the stereotypical villain that kids know not to emulate because he’s wrong. Unless you know…you really do want to be bad. We’ve got heroes that send great messages of friendship and triumph, and conquering your fears and the bully keeping you down. Tales of the underdog succeeding.

Then we have the women’s division. Slapping each other and putting the other one down like a dreadful episode of Degrassi. It angers everyone. Ah yes, that clearly takes up a lot of brain power.

The point of the “Diva’s Revolution” was completely missed. Yes, the likes of Sasha Banks, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch were added to the main roster to showcase their abilities, but not to be thrown into repetitive tag matches that never change.

People didn’t want them to be brought up just to have them there. People wanted them to be incorporated, to lead the revolution.  People wanted them to work with the current Divas on the roster–all of them–not just the ones that have been highlighted and already dominating the show.

Why isn’t Natalya a part of this? Why is she being reduced to a valet or comical opponent of Torito? Why is Tamina always the one taking the loss, or Naomi being brushed aside for a title run? Summer Rae and Lana bicker and fight over their boyfriends all the time–and the only time we see Cameron is on Total Divas.

This Revolution pisses everyone off because it’s exactly what it was never meant to be. Cat fights, the same old matches done over and over again with overly-predictable outcomes. Is there a story at all? No. Is anyone actually going for the title, or just settling for whining about who’s better and trying to put the other one down?

It’s the latter, in case you haven’t noticed. Although crowds definitely have. The Brooklyn crowd from Monday Night RAW post-SummerSlam noticed, and boy did they voice their discontent. Disrespectful? Yes, absolutely, but it’s also pointing out the fact that people are tired of the same old, catty garbage.

There will be no change with the Diva’s Revolution until the powers that be realize that pathetic, middle school drama should be left for ABC Family. It’s exhausting, for both viewers and for the athletes busting their asses day in and day out…and for what?

To be shoved to the side? To be reduced to a clique fighting with another?

Oh no, something has to change, for good.


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