Why is a Hall of Famer on the cover of WWE 2k16?


Ah, good ol’ Stone Cold Steve Austin. That beer drinking, ass kickin’ sumbitch….

Why are you on the cover of WWE 2k16?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Stone Cold. Millions of people love Stone Cold Steve Austin. He’s an icon, he’s a legend, he’s the bald head of the attitude era!

He’s also very much retired.

Why would he be on the cover of this video game when he’s retired, hmmm? On the covers we’ve had John Cena, The Rock (at least he comes back and has some matches…sometimes….whatever), CM Punk, Randy Orton…. quite an array! But Steve Austin as the cover? Really.

Could you possibly have any less faith in your main roster than you already do? You have to go and put him on the cover as opposed to any of your leading superstars? Why wouldn’t Seth Rollins be on the cover? He’s been parading around as the Future of the WWE for ages now! Hell, at the moment he has not one, but two titles with him.

Yet he’s not on the cover. Stone Cold is.

Of all the possibilities…the current champion Seth Rollins, the intimidating thoroughbred Roman Reigns, the insanely-over-with-the-crowd Dean Ambrose, the “you should see a therapist” Bray Wyatt.

None of them!

Nothing says, “I have no faith in our future” like pulling a man out of retirement and reminding everyone of the “good ol’ days” by slapping him on the cover.


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