RAW: Braun Strowman Destroyed 2/3 of the Shield (8/31/15 Highlights)


Man, what a time to be a wrestling fan right? RAW hadn’t even started, and Monday had already been quite an eventful day. Hell, the weekend was especially eventful. It’s quite amazing what goes around like wildfire on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram, isn’t it?

Well then, enough of that! Onto the show.


Stephanie McMahon agrees with Sting.

Seth Rollins is not half the man his father her husband, Triple H is. Uh oh, I sense a family dispute.

Summer Rae sneaking into Dolph’s locker room.

Well then. Someone needs to contact Jerry Springer, he has to come back. At least this time it’s not for the Bella twins.

Dolph Ziggler gives a whole new meaning to RAW..

That was not PG at all.

Kevin: Cole! Cole! Watch this you little jerk!

Yeah you little jerk, you watch Kevin miss hitting Cesaro, damn it!

This Lana/Dolph/Summer/Rusev thing is stupid.


It’s bullshit!

Oh no, Summer saw Dolph naked because she snuck up on him like a creepy pervert. Yet instead of being mad at Summer for doing that and invading his privacy, she’s mad at Dolph like if he turned on some music and got down to business with Summer.


Braun Strowman destroys Dean and Roman.

That was….painful to watch. Hell, him speaking before the match was enough to creepy me out. But now I’m going to have nightmares and I have sympathy pains.

The man is quite effective.

Seth claims he’s the man now.

Seth basically said of Triple H (as the youth of today would put it) “He ain’t shit now.”

Yeah that’s good Seth, rip off the hand that feeds you. Solid work.

New Day proclaims the Dudley Boyz are a menace to furniture.

You know what? They’re right. They destroy these works of art, crafted for hours by people just trying to earn money to feed their families. People who are proud of their hard work…people who have to see those damn Dudleys destroy everything they’ve made.

New Day bubble wrapped a table.

Someone give them a sitcom deal please.

Bubba screams ‘New Day sucks’ while running across the ring.

What a beautiful time to be alive.

Well, this episode of RAW was…something alright. It wasn’t as entertaining as last week that’s for sure. Things really picked up when the Dudley Boyz faced The New Day–but that was at the end of the night!

I dread what happens on SmackDown.

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