Brass Ring Bullshit

Remember when Vince McMahon was on the Stone Cold Podcast? Well in summary, he slammed most of his entire roster, save for his knight in shining armor John Cena who can do no wrong. Honorable mentions included Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins, men he coined as reaching for that brass ring. As though they're... Continue Reading →


Scream Queens Episode 1: I’m Not Impressed

Scream Queens, an extremely hyped up show by the over-hyped and always present in television somehow, Ryan Murphy. Now here is a fair warning for this post, as I have taken to issuing warnings during my Scream posts: Warning: If you love everything Ryan Murphy has put his dirty little fingers on, you will not be happy with... Continue Reading →

Night of Champions: Quite Predictable–Internet Ruins All Surprises (9/20/15)

Kickoff The Ascension, Stardust vs. Neville, Lucha Dragons Well this is an interesting set up! The Cosmic Wasteland versus the....uh, well, the other group that was randomly thrown together to make something entertaining. What?! It was a last minute thing, honestly, they needed something good for the kick off show. Why not put a bunch... Continue Reading →

SmackDown: Respect the Hawk! RESPECT IT! (9/17/15 Highlights)

So I'm sure everyone's over the moon excited to see the 'Bella-bration' on SmackDown. Right? Plus ya know, RAW really wasn't all that great in terms of building up to Night of SmackDown has some pretty massive boots to fill. Will they filled? ...Eh.... Highlights Sheamus throwing a tantrum over his appearance. Dude, don't be so insecure! As... Continue Reading →

RAW: Season Premiere Flubber (9/14/15 Highlights)

Man, what a suspenseful week we've suffered through. Lana's injured, Dean Ambrose's movie released, Paige and Alicia had a 'bar brawl', Jessie 'The Body' Ventura wants to run for president, and today has been dubbed #NaomiAppreciationDay. Damn. What a rollercoaster ride of a lead up to Night of Champions. Highlights Stephanie and Triple H getting jiggy... Continue Reading →

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