Warning:Is this necessary at this point? I’ll keep it anyway. MAGNIFICENT SPOILERS AND EXCELLENT CONTENT AHEAD.

Read at your own risk.

It’s the season finale of Scream! Now we find out who the murderer(s) is(are), and who dies next?! Aside from side characters we don’t really care about, of course.

It truly was gut-wrenching.

What a way for Sheriff Hudson to go, isn’t it? Our lovely killer said it would be gut-wrenching, and that’s exactly what it was!

Poor Maggie just wanted to save her boyfriend…all she wanted to do was untie him and help him. Instead, she unties him and all of his insides collapse onto the floor and all over her hands. Man, how do you even tie someone up well enough to keep their insides in? That takes some serious skills.

Seth showing up at Brooke’s house.

I honestly thought we were going to get a little vintage ‘Scream’ action here. That Seth was going to be the poor, framed man seeking refuge in Brooke’s home–only for him to turn out to be one of the killers.

I really just wanted Seth to be the killer so my entire prediction was right.

Instead, he was somehow captured and tied up off screen, waiting to be framed for the Killer’s amusement.

Our Killer is…..Piper Shaw.

I saw that one coming!! I saw it coming! Dead murdered father was Brandon James–murdered by the police because because Maggie led them to him. What a shit show.

Although on the plus side, this would have been great for Piper’s podcast. A survivor of the horrors in Lakewood! Yes, it would have been a great story to tell, had she not been shot.

In true Scream fashion…the killer dies twice.

Technically twice. Somewhat. Does that make sense?

Audrey shoots Piper, who then pops out of the water like the Grudge coming out the TV. Then Emma shoots Piper and sends her sinking to the bottom of the lake, because after all, they always come back.

Now at the end they seem to be looking for Piper’s body. If come season 2 we find out that the body was never recovered I’m going to assume that she swam away and has somehow magically rejoined her father who is also not dead but hiding.

Just kidding, that would be absurd!

Audrey Jensen is one suspicious gal.

We end the show with Audrey going through (and burning) her belongings. Just what are those? Oh just letters, pictures, notes….all from Piper Shaw. It seems the two were pen pals.


Audrey was seen chatting and having a bit of a moment with Brooke earlier in the night. Then when Brooke is attacked, she’s simply left for dead with the hopes of someone saving her, rather than being gutted in that instant. Same with Audrey–Audrey was knocked out and cut, but she wasn’t left as a dead body to be discovered.

Super suspicious….?

Yes, most definitely. Who knows, maybe Audrey and Piper were planning to make a huge story out of this, and Audrey would film it. Together, they’d make millions…

Or Audrey’s more disturbing than we thought, and she’s simply planning out the sequel.

Why leave survivors unless you’re planning to kill them in the sequel, am I right? You can’t live twice in a row, not unless you’re the survivor girl!

Or the dopey deputy.

…Or the news reporter!

Alright so three people live in total, whatever.

Until next time, Scream viewers! For now, I  wait for Scream Queens.

3 thoughts on “MTV Scream Episode 10: THE KILLER REVEALED!

  1. I was so bumped when the mask came off and Piper was standing there, I wanted Piper to be in the series like a main goodie character, but so sad she was the killer


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