SmackDown: New Day Rocks (9/3/15 Highlights)


Welcome to SmackDown! The show were the writers barely care enough to put on a good program–so why should you care enough to watch!?



Ah, one must love The New Day’s plea to get us all to save the tables. They do bring up valuable points though. Tables are the backbone of society, they play quite the role in so many activities…hell, my computer is on a table right now!

New Day on commentary.

Give them each an Emmy, an Oscar, a private jet, a talk show, a sitcom, everything…just everything.

Cesaro drop kicks the hell out of Sheamus.

Well hot damn. Even with injured ribs the man lives up to the nickname.

Charlotte petitions to have the title match before Nikki breaks AJ’s record.

Oh please let this happen. Please, please, please. The Bella Team crony thing is making me want to stab my eyeballs.

Wyatt’s Black Sheep.

Yeah, Braun saying ‘run’ is slightly more terrifying than Bray saying it. My subconscious does not enjoy this new fear.

Well the night ends with us learning that The Wyatt’s will face the Shield knock-off at Night of Champions. Ha, who’d have thought it, right!? So two weeks from now, we’ll witness the death of Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. Eh, ride together die together, brothers for life…or…something like that.


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