SmackDown: He’s Your Blood, So He’s My Blood (9/10/15 Highlights)


Thursday night once again. A time for two minute rematches from Monday Night RAW, or something that has absolutely nothing to do with any current storylines and is simply a time filler. Or in most cases–a time for extremely long commercials and recaps!

Man, gotta love Thursdays.


Cesaro mocking the Miz.

Now, who was better at mimicking the Miz as he took off his sunglasses? Damien Sandow has experience in doing so, but Cesaro did take on a more comedic route…I guess it all depends on if you like accuracy or comedy more.

Dean and Jimmy’s excitement for a match.

Let’s just imagine for a second that Dean had actually painted his face up like Jimmy Uso. Yes, let that soak in.

Now let us all feel bad for Roman, as it looks like he has to deal with two hyper active children.

Midway point of SmackDown was a match from RAW.

Really? The entire match? Is there a shortage of wrestlers to put on a show?

This is absolutely fantastic. This isn’t a positive highlight as I usually do. This is crap. Really? Really? Really WWE? Now I feel like the Miz…but seriously?!

Jimmy Uso is so excited to wrestle.

He’s like a firecracker in the ring! Popping and locking and having far too much fun beating the crap out of New Day.

“They all fall down.”

Leave it to Bray Wyatt to take a line from a children’s nursery rhyme and make it absolutely creepy and horrifying.

…Although if we consider the origin of this rhyme, it does have a gruesome start. Therefore he definitely used it appropriately.

You know what? Never mind. It’s disturbingly fitting for the occasion, and I’m far too invested into the creepy disturbing tactics of the Wyatt Family.

Everyone running Big Show out of the lumberjack match…

…and Kevin Owens is just leaning against the apron and looking like he’s trying to plan out what he has to get the next time he’s at Target. He’s so indifferent to all of the brawls happening at ringside, it’s amazing.

You know? SmackDown was going places until they ruined it halfway with a 15 minute RAW clip. Yes, I am still bitter about that, and I’m hoping this does not happen next week.

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