RAW: Season Premiere Flubber (9/14/15 Highlights)


Man, what a suspenseful week we’ve suffered through. Lana’s injured, Dean Ambrose’s movie released, Paige and Alicia had a ‘bar brawl’, Jessie ‘The Body’ Ventura wants to run for president, and today has been dubbed #NaomiAppreciationDay.

Damn. What a rollercoaster ride of a lead up to Night of Champions.


Stephanie and Triple H getting jiggy with New Day

I never thought I’d live to see the day. I…I guess it really is a New Day.

Xavier Woods being so concerned with Darren’s wellbeing.

“What happened to Darren!? What happened to you!?” All with a face of pure shock…actually, he resembled the most surprised emoji available. It was comedic, it was amazing, give this man everything in the world.

Xavier Woods plays the Pink Panther theme.

It’s only the beginning of RAW but already the night is amazing.

Triple H: Not twice, people gotta pay for that stuff.

Triple H! That is NOT the kind of dancing Stephanie wanted you to perform on live television, not at the season premiere!

….Wait, was it? That’s wildly inappropriate.

Paige versus Sasha.

Ugh, that match hurt. Not that it was bad, it was quick, but the suplex Paige hit Sasha with, the back of my head aches just seeing it.

Wyatts make themselves at home by tossing chairs out of the ring and turning off the lights.

Wow, that’s sweet. Very comforting. Telling the Miz he’s not safe? Icing on the cake! Such wonderfully considerate people.

The newest segment of RAW, WWE Book Club.

Man, WWE’s really expanding these days. Kevin Owens and Ryback discussing books, it’s the discussion of the century.

Charlotte tossing Nikki around with her thighs.

So…she was not kidding about that genetically superior thing. Hot damn.

…And that’s about it. RAW started out strong and entertaining but….eh is all I can say for the rest of it. Sting’s match turns into a tag match which, really, wow way to go on his first ever match on RAW right? Haha, awesome.

Absolutely can’t wait for SmackDown. I’ll be sure to have my chamomile for Night of Champions too, to help me fall asleep.

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