SmackDown: Respect the Hawk! RESPECT IT! (9/17/15 Highlights)


So I’m sure everyone’s over the moon excited to see the ‘Bella-bration’ on SmackDown. Right? Plus ya know, RAW really wasn’t all that great in terms of building up to Night of Champions…so SmackDown has some pretty massive boots to fill.

Will they filled? …Eh….


Sheamus throwing a tantrum over his appearance.

Dude, don’t be so insecure! As long as you like your new hawk, that’s all that matters. Even if, ya know, you do look kind of stupid.

Naomi pinned Paige for the win.

Yay! Finally Naomi wins something, it feels like it’s been centuries since that’s happened.

Big E’s sign has two sides.

“Wait 4 it…” on one side, and “#Booty” On the other. I love it.

The New Day’s entire promo was fantastic.

They just get better and better with age…weekly age. Or daily age, rather. Look, they’re amazing okay? I respect their love of tables! Mother Nature respects it too.

Cesaro’s reversal of the choke slam.

Good god almighty Big Show’s arm was a stripper pole….

Hmm, Nikki’s celebration seems awfully familiar…

Well, this is just downright pathetic and lazy.

Sheamus throws yet another tantrum in the middle of his match.

Of course it’s about his hair. Seth looks beyond amused listening to this. As for Roman and Dean? Ah, this is just pitiful to them.

So….what are the chances that the third partner for Roman and Dean, is Bray’s mom? Bray’s mom is obviously not amused in the slightest with her son’s cooky little cult and decides to discipline and humiliate him in front of the entire WWE Universe. Nothing like a harsh scolding from your mama as a way to lose a match? Right?

I kid. It’s a joke, I’ll go bow my head in shame now.


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