RAW: Great Day to Be Kane (9/21/15 Highlights)


Post night of Champions! Some people retained, some were newly crowned champions, and some were dressed as a power ranger. All in all, it was a pretty okay night. Now we indulge ourselves in RAW, where said power ranger will gloat and probably refer to his opponent as a geriatric hot mess.

If we’re lucky.


Roman and Bray engage in a flat out brawl.

No official match, just a good ol’ fashion fight? I can get behind this. Sometimes you just have to settle blood-feuds with fists flying in every direction and no regulations at all.

Kane’s in the best mood demonically imaginable

He’s so happy, with the biggest grin on his face! To be fair, if I had a big cup of coffee like that I’d also be happy.

Although, I’m fairly positive that we’re facing a bipolar Kane who’s only so very happy because his demonic side runs rampant at random intervals.

I’d love that.

Poor, distressed Seth Rollins.

He’s like an overworked college student. Panicking and freaking out in such a way that his parents are the only cure to easing his nerves. Granted, they are in fact making him partake in a match tonight against Cena, still, they managed to get him to stop babbling at a million words a minute.

…Now that I think of it, his parents are doing a horrible job.

Paige goes absolutely psycho.

Well she just lets everyone have it. She does bring up some good points though:this really isn’t a diva’s revolution when the only people getting attention are Nikki Bella, her hippie sister and the third wheel (as Paige so eloquently put it).

But oh hot damn was that a beautiful fit to have. Paige just went all out and it was magical.

Kane high fives Stephanie.

Because that’s what you’re supposed to do when the boss asks for you to give your mask back. Give her five. Good job.

Nattie tells it like it is.

You go Natalya. She puts Paige in her place–and rightfully so! The Queen has spoken, ladies, and it’s time to step aside and allow her to sharpshoot her way to her throne.

The New Day plea for Xavier Woods’ buttocks.

The Dudley Boyz really wrecked it.

Not like that! They wrecked it with a table.

….It doesn’t sound good either way, does it?

Triple H losing his patience with his son.

Are we sure he isn’t Demon Kane? Because he definitely just had a fit.

Kane dragging Seth to hell.

Okay it’s just a damn good day to be Kane now, isn’t it? Poor Seth, finally getting some back after all the hell he put Kane through.

…I guess now he’s in hell though.

Fine, we didn’t get Seth calling out Sting and referring to him as a geriatric loser. Maybe one day I’ll be able to witness this….one day.


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