Brass Ring Bullshit


Remember when Vince McMahon was on the Stone Cold Podcast? Well in summary, he slammed most of his entire roster, save for his knight in shining armor John Cena who can do no wrong. Honorable mentions included Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins, men he coined as reaching for that brass ring. As though they’re the only superstars that are trying at the moment.

This post is in no way an attempt to disrespect the work of these four men. Though I will admit, I shamelessly indulge in Super Cena remarks when an overdone concept is put out yet again. Come on, anything involving Cena is formulaic at this point. Plus who am I to ignore Rollins’ childish tantrums in the ring? It’s just too easy.

No, this is pointing out one of Mick Foley’s recent Facebook posts, “Push Cesaro”.

This post goes out to the man that Vince publicly deemed of simply not connecting with the Universe, for lack of charisma or for the fact that he’s Swiss.


That’s wrong.

Have they seen anything he’s done in Chikara, for example? How the crowd sings his theme song? What about the first ever steel cage match with Brodie Lee who for some astounding reason looks incredibly familiar and I just can’t quite put my finger on it…

Do you want proof of his work within WWE aside from these last few months? Okay then, what about his matches with William Regal, Adrian Neville, Sami Zayn all in NXT? Pretty sure fans enjoyed what he was doing.

Am I a fan of Cesaro? Yes, who isn’t? This isn’t a post to glorify him just because I like him, but because what Vince has said is wrong.The man has quite clearly connected with the Universe (even if he does proclaim he delivers rather than connects). You know a man has connected when people take the initiative upon themselves to praise him when WWE does not. The Cesaro Section is a perfect example of that. A phenomenon taking arenas by storm.

Yet this resembles another man that managed to connect on his own–and several men before him. The most recent example coming before Cesaro would be Damien Sandow. The Universe praised him for his comedic stylings when paired with the Miz. They were devastated when he lost at WrestleMania to Big Show.

Yet when he came out on his own? Renouncing Mizdow and just being himself? It was pure Sandow magic. It was what the Universe wanted, and they cheered for it every step of the way. Yet what happens? Once again, the man is booked as an impersonator. Not that he’s bad at doing so, he isn’t in the slightest….it just went back to what people didn’t want to see of him and now the only time we see Sandow is on the back of a milk carton.

Cesaro is on his way to becoming a classic example of that. He was on fire on RAW and SmackDown with the matches he was in against John Cena, against Kevin Owens, paired with Randy Orton, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns. Cesaro had managed to regain that momentum once again all on his own by doing exactly what he does best–delivering. Yet it seems that now after he’s more than delivered, more than connected with the universe, that proverbial ‘brass ring’ is being yanked right out of his hands.

As far as we see, Cesaro isn’t the one that’s hindering his abilities to deliver nor connect with the Universe. It’s the lack of adequate booking. Why, after the man has been on an absolute glorious rampage of fantastic matches would you have him lose to Big Show over and over again? Didn’t he beat him at WrestleMania in the inaugural Andre the Giant Battle Royal? Yet one knock out punch and he’s down for the count…

Huh. I didn’t realize Big Show suddenly required more attention than Cesaro. I’m glad they decided to do it now while Cesaro has momentum, and not the other months where Big Show’s presence has been there simply because they didn’t know where to put him. Maybe those ‘please retire’ chants FINALLY got to them.

Or what about that time they had Cesaro act as a simple placeholder in his match with Rusev while Dolph Ziglger and Summer Rae exchange pleasantries. Why would anyone do that? How can we go from a man putting on show-stealing matches with John Cena–to being completely ignored while the camera is focused on ringside.

I just don’t get it.

Well wait a minute, maybe…I just…you know? There may be something I do understand.

The ‘Brass Ring’ is brass-bullshit

Was that bad? Yeah it wasn’t one of my finest lines I’ll give ya that.

There’s no brass ring club, there’s no ‘do your best and reach for the stars and it’ll come to you’. It seems at this point it’s a man that’s lost in the past and is desperately clinging to that. It makes sense, doesn’t it? John Cena’s still the top dog and isn’t moving from that spot so long as he’s alive. Steve Austin is on the cover of WWE2K16 rather than anyone on the current roster. Daniel Bryan’s even publicly pointed out that there’s a reliance on old talent and the mentality is still that they’re better than the current talent. That shouldn’t be the case at all, if you’re trying to build a successful brand.

To maintain success in a changing era, you have to grow with your viewers, change your ideals. That means leaving the attitude era behind and focusing on what’s in front of you.

In short: Cesaro’s getting screwed out of super stardom because of backwards thinking and a refusal to leave the past behind. He’s not the only superstar for this to happen to, and he probably won’t be the last one either. Why he couldn’t have continued his feud with Kevin Owens is beyond me, as it was entertaining and those two put on great matches.

But what do I know right? I’m just some loser sitting behind a keyboard who pays to watch these programs and buy shirts that support these professional wrestlers….even if it’s from places like What a Maneuver, because WWE claims that these stars can’t connect with the crowd and no one supports them yet they don’t even make shirts for people to support them.

As for Cesaro, the man should finally get the push he’s long-deserved because every time he steps into the ring he delivers. I respect that he always puts on an amazing match even when it seems no one in charge believes he does.


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