How Tumblr Killed Wrestling

Ah Tumblr, sacred Tumblr....sacred to hell, at least. It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that Tumblr's a dangerous place to be. There's porn, bronies that destroy a children's cartoon, random photography blogs #aesthetic, people who are far too PC (politically correct) to be allowed to interact with people as they are incredibly hostile and... Continue Reading →


Hell in a Cell: (10/25/15/)

Oh boy! Hell in a Cell! The pay-per-view that was put together what seems to be by a couple of drunken monkeys! The underwhelming build-up, the repetition, the predictability...all a solid formula for WWE these days. Well, let's see how the night goes, shall we? Kickoff Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler, Neville vs. King Barrett, Sheamus, Rusev "Oh... Continue Reading →

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