Daredevil Episode 2: Matt’s a Fluffy Little Lumpkin


I hate when I find a half dead man in my dumpster.

All I want to do is take out the trash so a colony of rats in cahoots with roaches don’t consume my apartment. All I want to do is keep the place clean, not meet strange men….okay well not meet strange men who dwell in trash cans. That’s just smelly.

Get it together, Murdock! You’re traumatizing the neighborhood!

Murdocks drink from a young age.

Only for particular circumstances, though. They’ll only drink if they’re just a wee lad who needs to stitch their father up after getting his ass handed to him on a platter in the boxing ring.

Honestly, poor Matt has grown up far too fast and far too quickly. He’s a tiny little human looking after his dad. What little human with hands that tiny is stitching the wounds of a grown man?!

Okay, it’s Matt, but he shouldn’t be!

Especially not after drinking scotch. I don’t think that’s going to actually help the tiny thing. I’d imagine it’s like drunken driving…except he’s driving a needle all over his dad’s face.

Eesh, that’d be a sight. Maybe when he’s blind–do you think he still stitched him up while blind? I’d love to see that.

Foggy’s an awkward little snowflake.

A precious human, taking such good care of his employees. Honestly, Karen’s lucky to have a boss that sings like he belongs on Broadway or get so drunk that little old women want to violently murder him and his big mouth.

Still, though, quite the charming fellow. For someone who’s self proclaimed as being so awkward, he has a smooth way of flirting with women. It’s uh…a little different, but it seems to be working!

Claire’s 1000% done with Matt’s crap.

She hasn’t even known the man for a full day yet. Not even a full night! In the span of a few hours it’s unclear of who wants to murder Matt more–the Russians, or Claire?

Can’t really blame her though. He’s secretive, gets blood all over her house, has a god awful costume….it’s just so disappointing on Matt’s behalf.

Although, she and Matt make quite the duo of torture specialists. What with her medical knowledge and his ability to drive sharp instruments into people’s squishy, delicate bodies–it’s a match made in heaven!

Sick, twisted heaven.

Matt’s a Fluffy Little Lumpkin

The episode is full of little moments of Matt being a precious little flower. From fixing his father’s busted face, to encouraging him to do what he knew was right. Even uh…even if it resulted in him dying. Then Matt works with every fiber of his half-dead being to save a kidnapped little being and get him home to his father.

Matt Murdock is too pure for this world, but apparently he’s the hero New York needs considering how horrible of a place it is. Human trafficking, the mob….such horrors.


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