How Tumblr Killed Wrestling

Ah Tumblr, sacred Tumblr….sacred to hell, at least.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that Tumblr’s a dangerous place to be. There’s porn, bronies that destroy a children’s cartoon, random photography blogs #aesthetic, people who are far too PC (politically correct) to be allowed to interact with people as they are incredibly hostile and half of the time incorrect–and then you have the fandoms.

Fandoms are scary.

Fandoms should be a wonderful place for people of shared interests to congregate. To share their artwork, their stories, their opinions. Yet in every fandom there’s a small, volatile cluster…

It seems as though Tumblr has utterly bent the wrestling fandom over and shoved a kendo stick wrapped in barbed wire right up the ass. Tumblr and wrestling don’t go well together. In fact, I like to believe that Tumblr killed the wrestling fandom.

Well that’s unfair to say. Tumblr didn’t kill the wrestling fandom, the people within the fandom have ruined it.

For example, there’s no such thing as sharing an opinion or having a favorite. Is Nikki Bella your favorite? Well then ,prepare to go to war with Paige fans who will probably tell you to kill yourself at some point because how dare you not bow down to the “queen”? Hmm? Not saying that some Nikki Bella fans are perfect either. They have their share of hardcore methods of defense that should surely have some people pressing charges against them.

Oh, ya like Dean Ambrose do yah? Well then you better love Renee Young or else the death threats you’ll receive will make you shed tears at a rate you never knew you had. Oh, and Dean must be included in every single pay-per-view otherwise he’s getting buried! Before you know it he’ll get the Daniel Bryan treatment. Forever the Underdog to the universe (even when he isn’t)–everyone else is shunned for the glory of Ambrose.

No, that is not a good thing.

This fandom spouts hate and nonsense about anyone who isn’t their favorite. If their favorite isn’t in the title picture then they’re getting “jobbed” and clearly aren’t getting the proper treatment. Half the times, people don’t even understand what’s going on. Do they really understand what jobbing means?

Dean Ambrose is not a jobber if he’s headlined multiple PPV’s. You know who’s gotten the jobber treatment? Zack Ryder. Remember him? Anyone? The man who’s brought out and you automatically know he’s going to get crushed–that’s a jobber.

How can I forget Roman Reigns? It was okay to love him and find him to be amazing when he lost to Batista at the Royal Rumble of 2014. He was the underdog, the universe frowned upon his loss and thought it to be unfair. Yet once he gets the push the universe wanted for him, it’s suddenly the second coming of John Cena. Roman isn’t cool anymore, the new fad is to hate on him for getting treatment based on his worth ethic, in-ring ability, etc etc. Does that make sense to anyone? No? Glad I’m not the only one who finds it absurd to hate on Roman.

Sheesh, “I liked Roman before he became mainstream!” seems like an accurate statement for this.

Or let’s take a look at Alberto Del Rio’s return to WWE at Hell in a Cell! Some people aren’t too keen on his return given the circumstances he left over.

…Left over?

He did not leave the company. He was fired for standing up against a racist. That’s not leaving a company, and quite frankly I don’t blame the man for acting the way he did. Do people just not understand how racism feels?  Or are they choosing to glaze over the entire situation and instead just pretend it was Del Rio’s fault because they may not favor him as they do another individual?

Yes, WWE has its faults, there’s no surprise at all. But WWE can’t be blamed for everything. There’s a method to the madness, things happen for a reason. It’s formulaic and people who proclaim themselves as long-term die-hard fans should at least have some sense of this.

Instead Tumblr is used for people to vent about how their favorites are treated poorly, when in reality, about 70% of the time their favorites are simply in a FREAKING STORYLINE BECAUSE IT’S SCRIPTED ENTERTAINMENT THAT’S MEANT TO BE ENJOYED.

Whoa, excuse me, lost my cool there.

If your favorite has been featured in major feuds, headlines PPV’s, and is actually on television….you’re fine. There’s no need to tell fans of other superstars/divas to kill themselves. There’s no need to loosely throw around the term ‘jobber’ or ‘buried’–because most of the time they’re incredibly wrong and those terms are used in the wrong way.

In summary, Tumblr makes being a part of the wrestling community feel dangerous, hostile, and downright horrible.

Note: This does not apply to EVERYONE. It’s simply a generalized post based on observations. If you feel this applies to you, then that’s unfortunate, but this doesn’t target people in particular. It’s simply a generalization. 


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  1. I actually feel like it’s the opposite with Dean, when it comes to liking Renee. More like “You better hate on Renee and hold her past mistakes against her or you’ll find yourself receiving death threats blah blah blah.” Sure, there are a few rabid Renee fans (some of which have been proven to be fake fans wanting drama) but there’s far more extreme haters of Renee because who she’s dating then there is fans.

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