What’s Next for WWE?


Ah WWE, a haven for controversy driven by top men of the business that have the mentality of being back in 1990. Once again these men are faced with a challenge, and the question now is whether or not they’ll let this break their kneecaps with a sledgehammer, or will they overcome it.

With Seth Rollins now out on injury for possibly 6-9 months, WWE has lost their top evil doer and their World Heavyweight Champion. This is the cherry on top of: Randy Orton being out on injury, John Cena taking time off, and Brock Lesnar finishing his tiny little disagreement with the UnderTaker…who is now possibly inside the soul of Bray Wyatt.

Or whatever is in place of Bray Wyatt’s soul, at least.

Now what does this mean for WWE?

For one, it’s an opportunity. They’ve made the mistake of ignoring a great portion of the talent they have and have settled with long-winded self righteous promos that will make you fall asleep at some point, no matter how good the speaker is. Oh, and John Cena having his hands in everything and yada yada America. Right. We get it.

The program has revolved around a central point for 5 hours a week, and it’s boring.

But with all focal points gone they really have a chance to bring new people into the spotlight. For other members of the roster to put on draw-dropping matches and have feuds that can make history! Hell, there may be an actually half-decent and somewhat entertaining story to enjoy!

But…what will WWE do?

One can hope that they’ll take the route of newfound creativity, but what’s more likely to happen? That? Or a phone call to Brock Lesnar or John Cena–begging for them to return so that they have something to entertain people with even if they’ve seen it millions of times before.

After all, nothing screams WWE quite like relying on old talent and raising everyone up onto a pedestal except for new, readily available people who have yet to shine.

**OR talent who have had the light shine down upon them from the WWE Universe, but are ignored because they weren’t hand-plucked by the crotchety old man himself**


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