Why Does the Wyatt Family Have a Sheep Fetish?


I know, trust me. I can’t believe I’m asking that question either.

But they do have a sheep fetish, don’t you see it? They started with one white little sheep–that of Erick Rowan. They’ve since grown, expanding the farm and obtaining a brutal young black sheep in Braun Strowman.

Now of all the creatures they could possibly have, why a sheep? Is a sheep intimidating at all? Why not replace this precious creature with that of a bear?

A bear is surely intimidating. A hulking mass ready to tear you apart with the swipe of a paw, accompanied by a paralyzing roar. They could have gone with lion masks, Bray would obviously be the head honcho of the group, but Harper, Rowan, and Strowman would technically be his pride! They too could tear their opponents apart and dominate the WWE as the monsters they so claim themselves to be.

Or they could have been different animals! Braun is unmovable, make him a rhino! Rowan’s supposedly a closeted genius, make him a dolphin! A majestic dolphin…they’re smart…right?!

Enough of the possible animals that they could have chosen but foolishly did not. The question is why would these monsters choose sheep instead of any other creature?

Quite obviously, Bray Wyatt is obsessed with destroying innocence.

The white sheep (or lamb, for a little baby sheep) is a symbol of innocence and purity. By having this mask that has clearly seen better days be bestowed upon a monster like Rowan, they’re ruining purity and innocence that cute sheep symbolize.

Personally I don’t find sheep to be that cute, but you know, to each their own.

In addition to that, they now have the black sheep. A symbol of being an outcast, a pariah–perfect example of the inhuman that is Braun.

Seriously, he can’t be human…right?

It’s almost like looking at an evolution. From the sweet, innocent white lamb all the way to the wretched black lamb. Bray loves the idea of taking these iconic symbols and utterly destroying what people once knew and loved.

Hell, just look at him and nursery rhymes. No one can hear He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands without having a nervous breakdown. When he sings there’s a fear of the entrance of a swamp creature in their dreams to terrorize them. When he manages to get the universe to sing this song, there’s terrifying flashbacks to childhood. Why terrifying? Because he’s probably now lurking in the background of all your favorite childhood memories ready to ruin your whole damn day.

In short, the Wyatt family is terrible. They crave nothing more than to destroy the innocence…and Bray Wyatt is a hybrid of Freddy Krueger and a swamp creature, with how he must destroy and terrorize everyone in existence.


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