Why SmackDown is Infuriatingly Bad


Let’s face it, SmackDown is a complete and utter joke and has been for quite some time. Granted, there are instances in which SmackDown doesn’t seem to be such an atrocity–but lately those are rare.

Now just why is SmackDown so infuriatingly bad?

For one, it’s an awful recap of RAW. As though RAW doesn’t offer enough recaps during the show as it is, SmackDown is comprised completely of reminders of events that took place on Monday night. Not just in the form of clips being replayed either–but actual matches. What’s so disheartening is that these matches are mostly in place to ensure that the loser from Monday night gets a win, that way no one goes home with sour feelings. It’s as though whoever is in charge of these matches is afraid of upsetting people. Huh, what an interesting concept.

Everyone wins! Give EVERYONE a belt for participation then, that’s basically the equivalent of what’s happening.

Or in the rare event that it’s not a match being repeated from Monday night–it’s just something that was thrown together. I imagine the process is like taking a bunch of arrows with the wrestler’s heads on them and just chucking them to a dart board and seeing which two land the closest together. Rather than actually develop something remotely compelling, they stick two people together randomly for a two minute match so they have enough time to show a twenty minute segment from RAW.

Though a personal favorite is always when the gang all packs up and goes overseas. It leaves SmackDown in shambles, as mostly anyone involved in a storyline is cast away to do live events. In the mean time, people who haven’t been on television for months or who have absolutely nothing happening at the moment put on a lovely two minute match as filler time before the video package of RAW is ready to play.

It’s just so unfortunate what SmackDown has become. A joke of the WWE: A recap show of  Monday night consisting mostly of commercials and disappointment.



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