Royal Rumble 2016: Highlights

Ah the Royal Rumble. An event where even though it's usually a one-versus-all type scenario, has been explicitly stated to be one-versus-all this time around. Why? Well simply put: because Roman Reigns will be defending his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against 29 other contenders. Some say nay, the thought of booing Roman out of yet... Continue Reading →


Panda Watches: The Marine 3: Homefront

Today we continue our backwards and absolutely senseless way of watching the Marine movies!  This time we're (and by we I clearly mean my own charming self) covering The Marine 3: Homefront which also stars WWE's own Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin as the latest protagonist of the series, Jake Carter. Now one has to feel bad... Continue Reading →

The IWC: Too Much Power…

The IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) is quite good at starting movements. From the rise of Daniel Bryan to the Diva's Revolution. However, do these movements actually work? Does the IWC have too much power? Shall their power be used for good, or for pure unadulterated evil? Originally posted on Smark N Mark. To read the... Continue Reading →

The Wrestling Fangirl

Fandoms were once considered a safe haven. A place for people sharing mutual interests to congregate and share their works of art and literature. Or to perhaps discuss the product in depth. However in some fandoms, such as the wrestling one, a terrifying phenomena has occurred. One where there are some overly ecstatic fans that are quite... Continue Reading →

Sheamus’ Identity Issues

Sheamus has undergone a complete overhaul of who he is. However, I'm afraid this is a result of a man having no sense of identity that's his own. In an attempt to create his own person, he seems to be adapting traits of everyone he admires or loves. Originally posted on Smark N Mark. To... Continue Reading →

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