WrestleMania 32: Highlights (4/3/16)

Finally, WrestleMania is upon us! Already the bar has been set tremendously high from NXT Takeover: Dallas. Can the main roster follow their stellar performance? What oldies but goodies will we see return? Finally, what in the blue hell will the Rock be doing tonight? Main Card Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn vs. Dolph Ziggler... Continue Reading →


WrestleMania 32 Kickoff: Highlights (4/3/16)

It is finally upon us! WrestleMania 32, where every single person in the world is watching for free at home. So, you better have a stress ball with you because you won't be able to watch a clear stream of the event until the following day. That being said, let's enjoy the kick off show.... Continue Reading →

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