Extreme Rules: 5/22/16 (Highlights)

Does this┬áreally need an introduction? I mean...I don't have nearly as much to talk smack about as I usually do. This has been quite enjoyable. Aw man, talking about professional wrestling isn't fun unless I try really hard to make fun of it. Now I get why all those smarks talk about Roman so much.... Continue Reading →


Payback: Highlights (5/1/16)

Holy crap, it's May. Isn't that insane? Feels like just yesterday it was WrestleMania and Brock Lesnar half-assed what could have been match of the year. Ah, sweet memories. Anywho...┬áthe buildup has been a little odd, hasn't it? Shane has been running the program even though he lost to the Undertaker, so that's peculiar and... Continue Reading →

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