MTV Scream Episode 0201: The Good Die Really, Really Soon

It feels good to be back in the MTV Scream saddle. On one hand–I loved the first season, it was fun, delightful, and a pretty awful experience for just about every character. What’s not to love about that? This time however, it’s different. It’s season two, no holds barred, the hero of the first season can die, no one is safe! Which brings me to my next point:

You yourself may not be safe from spoilers in this post. Proceed with caution, and depending on who your favorite character is: proceed with a teddy bear and your favorite ice cream flavor.

Let us begin!

Will the parents of the two prankster children please stand up and publicly shame yourselves?

What is wrong with humans these days? First of all, those two teenagers have no right to be angry at Audrey in the slightest. To think that it’s even remotely okay to prank a survivor of an incredibly terrifying murder spree by making her relive the experience all over again: that’s the sign of two of the dumbest children I’ve ever had the experience of learning about.  That dumb boy is lucky Audrey didn’t stab him repeatedly and that he’s even alive.

The nerve of those two children is what really gets under my skin. Am I the only one that thinks they legitimately don’t have a right to be mad considering how stupid it was of them to do such a thing? If you’re that dumb, maybe you do need a little stab in the side to knock some sense into you.

I don’t get Kieran and Emma.

Kieran’s the stoic guy who doesn’t show feelings: otherwise known as looking absolutely emotionless / dead inside even though he has tons of feelings apparently.

Alright then Edward Cullen.

Emma is somewhat similar, according to Brooke. She hides her true feelings but actually shows them as opposed to having a blank look all the time.

So why don’t I get them?

I just don’t understand this couple. I don’t feel as though I can be fully invested in them as a great couple that had a real connection mostly because we barely saw any of that between them in season one. Now they’re broken up and it’s a Ross/Rachel sort of thing?

Eh…I’m not getting any of that. I just don’t buy it.

Who Got Got: Jake Fitzgerald

Poor Jake. Jake got got, hard.

His death was so drawn out as well, it was such a tease to the audience. Just when you think he’s going to save himself, get out of there, warn everyone–he dies. He dies alone, never having told Brooke to her face that he loved her.

It’s heartbreaking, and comes right at a time when he could have had his character developemtn progress even more. Rest in peace, Jake and Bake.

Speaking of Jake…

I have a theory.

At the end of season one Jake was Brooke’s hero, he actually became her knight in shining armor. We saw character development that was precious and gave us hope for the following season.

Yet now he’s the first to go.

Knowing that Audrey was an accomplice to Piper and had her hand in the crisis of a year prior–what if Jake was in on it too? He too had several chances to live last year. He could have been a part of the plan as well. Desperately in love with Brooke but unable to get her attention away from the creepy pedophile of a teacher. He gets to play the hero, the blame is put on Branson after everyone learns of how bad of a man he is, and Jake gets to leave with the girl.

So once things start getting complicated for Audrey, Jake has to be the one to go to make sure he doesn’t snitch.

…Or something like that, I do think that he was in on it to win Brooke over.

Speaking of accomplices…

Noah’s podcast is clearly a way for him to cope with previous events and to work through his troubles. He has a murder board for crying out loud, where he seems to still be piecing together the mystery and trying to figure out who the other accomplice was.

Let’s think of it this way. Noah figures out that Audrey was involved–his best friend, involved in the murders that took Riley away from him just as he was actually going places with a girl! Well, that’ll piss anyone off. So perhaps he’s torturing Audrey now, wanting her to confess, wanting just a little bit of revenge for what she had done (after all, we have seen him get revenge on Jake’s car). So he tortures her with a dash of cyber bullying in order to hurt Audrey just a little bit.


All in all, we had death, some new characters introduced, and the promise of really, really dumb teenagers. To be frank, I can’t wait to find out what this season holds. But more importantly–anything can happen so long as Noah is alive and well.

He’s my favorite. I’m biased.


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